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Monday, June 29, 2009

Salted Egg Chicken Bento

Bento #122

I am reminded by a few people that I forgot to update my blog now that I am free *grin*. Truthfully, I have more time now. Sometimes pending evenings at the gym and whenever time permit, jogging in the morning. And having time on my hand, its time to start posting again.

This is husband's bento. As with most Malaysian men, he isn't one who like to bento for work. He doesn't mind an occasional breakfast bento, but he prefers to eat lunch with his cronies or business associates instead.

This is a lunch bento. At least he obliges me for this one. haha. I fixed him this lunch bento because I woke up too early and felt like cooking salted egg chicken, and so I made him take it for work. haha.

These are the deep fried salted egg chicken.


This is the kids' leftover fried fish fillet from dinner the day before. I fried some onions in soy sauce and kicap pekat and stir fry this to combine.


Some regular apples and seedless grapes.


Packed them in this thermal bento container.


A short post to get me started. haha. Have a great week ahead guys, and happy bentou-ing !!


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