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Monday, July 13, 2009

Homemade Fishball Floral Weiner Bento

It's Monday again. How time flies. But things has been heavenly around here.


We finally send our maid away.

The biadap maid has been with us for about 13 months or so. I don't think any of us could tolerate her one day longer, much less for the rest of her contractual 2 years.

Even before her 6 months term of pre-paid salary is up, we already knew that she is too dishonest and lazy. She does everything her way absolutely refusing to follow our instructions which means that nothing is done the hygenic way, the safe way or the clean way. Gates were left unlocked upteened times and she hurt the kids physically in her total neglect to be reasonably careful around the house. She also slept from 8am to 4pm the moment we step out of the house till we get home. But of course she lies to cover everything up when confronted or "jeling" and slam pots and pans in the kitchen when she is caught red handed.

So instead of waiting out the 6 months, we send her to my in laws for the rest of the 6 months, away from our kids.

She continues with her wilful ways at in laws, refusing to close her bathroom door when she takes her showers at father in law's house, and changing her clothes at my in law's backyard instead of in her own room. Seriously, she needs help. Those who have seen her would never dreamed this in her. She is a total Jekyl and Hyde personality. In my 10 years experience of engaging maids, she has to top the list for being the worst ever !

Anyhow, we are finally glad to send her away. And everyone including my mom and in laws are breathing easier. I sure hate to talk about maids. haha. And I sure could do so much better without them, as per the preceeding 2 years before this biadap one come along.

Anyhow, enough of the unpleasants.

Happy Monday, all! It's a glorious morning today!

I went jogging at 6am and came home feeling good, and just in time to get Kimberly ready for school. Didn't fix Kimberly a bento meal today though.

Fixed this for Ashley's bento instead today.

Bento #123


I barely have time to do much because hubby had already got up and would leave with Ashley any moment.

So I threw some fishball which I mince and shaped the night before, into the deep fryer and made a furikake rice ball with the rice I cooked for just in case before I left for jogging earlier in the morning. "Just-in-case", because I don't ever plan my bento. I usually fix them spur of the moment with whatever food is ready on hand.


Then I cut up a weiner and put it in the pot to boil, together with some oborotsuki (stuffed fishcake), and then got Ashley ready for school.

Those floral carrots were my frozen stash of pre-cut steamed carrot stored in the deep freezer. When fixing for one bento meal, I would usually cut up the rest of the floral carrots in batches and store them for convenience.

The white and pink kamaboko is from my frozen stash as well.

And that's Ashley's bento for the day.

Happy Bentou-ing guys, and have a great week ahead !!


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  • Showers without closing the door? O.o
    Nice bento as usual, and you got a great tip in freezing the carrot! :)

    By Anonymous shoppingmum, At 11:25 AM  

  • oh boy..that maid is really crazy. She doesn't look that crazy when I saw her earlier this year eh? like you said..jekyl and hyde :D

    your bento is very nice :D

    By Anonymous mommy to chumsy, At 12:35 PM  

  • haha. I freeze all my floral and ornamental cut out food, shoppingmum. There usually isn't time enough from 6am to 7am to do much because I had needed to fry/cook stuff for the kids bento as well. And the maid, *roll eyes* she insist on keeping her bathroom door open despite countless, countless reprimands.

    Chumsy mom. haha. Like Jekly and Hyde, hor? She is happiest when shopping or at kids parties, or kidsport, jungle gym etc. Ask her to sweep floor and you see her brows touching each other. *grin* Out of home, she is always smiling sweetly and checking around her surrounding to see if anyone is noticing what an "efficient" maid she is. She is only efficient during show-time, though. Like that day at the picnic and at dim sum.haha.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:44 PM  

  • It's good you send biadap maid away! You still can find time to decorate meals with your maid not around!!! Great job mummy! And this proof that your maid at your home or not, doesn't makes any different... Should send her off earlier.. ;)

    By Blogger little prince's mummy, At 12:57 PM  

  • wah...teruk, sleep from 8am to 4pm? shud bring her to the office with u to work/clean, hehe...

    By Blogger Mummy to QiQi, At 8:36 AM  

  • heaven forbid loh, Chinnee, ask her to wipe the tables in office, she show a big face, makes things unpleasant all around. My staff told me that she would take 3 hours to wipe just one window in the conference room because she sleeps standing up leaning against the window with the dishrag in her hand hooked to the window frame. When she woke, she walks off without wiping the rest. Day time sleep, night time retire at 10pm somemore. Almost zero redemption quality. But thank heaven she is gone now.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 10:57 AM  

  • What a nightmare maid! Good riddance! You can do without one very nicely.... always thought of you as super efficient.

    See, no plan, just throw a a few things together and you still made such a cute bento.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 11:01 AM  

  • 3lilangels, haha. yea man !!! thank heaven she is gone now. Have been doing very well without maids the last 2 years before her anyhow.

    Thanks for your gracious compliment! Although I do know that you also don't plan your bento and made them up as you go along, like me. *grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 11:15 AM  

  • haiyo woman, thk god u finally sent d devil away...i think u r considered treating her too well until she's so daring!! can't imagine if she has an equally 'garang' employer, surely 'parang tou' also out!!

    loves yr home made fishball, lovely bento!

    By Anonymous jacss, At 2:01 PM  

  • Finally, Christene, back to your peaceful life!

    Nice bento!

    By Blogger JO-N, At 11:27 AM  

  • waste my time scolding them, lar, jacss. If counselling and finally resorting to sarcasm doesnt help, I wouldn't waste my anger on them. haha.

    Thanks for your compliment. I love them home made too.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 4:42 PM  

  • wah liao eh what's wrong with the maid, so uncivilised one :|. nice floral weiner :)

    By Blogger two pixels photography, At 8:35 PM  

  • ohh.. I got the same nightmare with maid before.. finally she's gone..
    It's true when she out of your side the pressure and the burden seems passed away.. why I wait for 3 years.. ? I also dunno.. maybe I afraid of getting the worst one..
    My new one is much2222 better... she handling the kids really well..

    Love to learn new things about with you...

    By Blogger nadnye, At 10:08 PM  

  • well said, Jo-N. most people with horrifying maids much prefer doing without maids like you and me. Well, me of two years ago and of present, anyhow.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:16 AM  

  • Not uncivilised, Jazzmint, just "miang". with so many males around, dont know which one she hoped to catch her showering with door open.. Kimberly's male violin teacher, or the occasional plumber or washing machine repair man, the security guards patrolling the back lane (her bathroom is besides the kitchen)my brother in law at FIL's house, or my FIL. euyewwww...

    and thanks for the compliment. heehee..maid's horror story overshadowing the bento. *grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:21 AM  

  • nadnye..with 10 years of engaging maids, I can handle their antics, excuses or foreseeable actions or ommissions pretty much without problem. But I still don't like to deal with all the unpleasants. I much rather do without.

    glad you are into bentou-ing. It's a good feeling to go back to basic... like packing food from home.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:24 AM  

  • For the weiners, did you just slice one into half, and then make horizontal cuts along the weiner? That's an idea I can use, though YY seems not to like her wieners anymore.

    By Blogger A Mom's Diary, At 3:52 PM  

  • Your maid sounds a little cuckoo... take bath with door opened, goodness! Yup, good riddance. So will u be getting a new maid?

    By Blogger Health Freak Mommy, At 4:30 PM  

  • Oh dear!
    What a Maid!!!!

    By Anonymous Angeline, At 10:59 AM  

  • Really heartache with this type of maids !!! Good that she's gone now.

    So, by early morning, you've already gone for a jog, fix a nice bento and got the kids ready for school....... wah.... i really salute you !

    By Blogger Adrine, At 3:56 PM  

  • the bento is really attractive!!

    By Blogger Hazel, At 6:50 PM  

  • thanks for the great idea of freezing the carrots!

    By Blogger Rachel, At 10:17 PM  

  • Hi Moms Diary, I cut and slice into half, then make little teeth along it. I hardly give the kids weiners, cos its processed food, so when I offer them in a bento, they are bound to eat them.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 7:40 AM  

  • Health Freak Mom, I will probably never get a maid ever again in this lifetime, or in my next life. I have enough of irresponsible, lazy and dishonest beyond belief maids. And it will be way too soon in the afterlife after next too *grin*.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 7:43 AM  

  • Angeline, she is so cuckoo that when my staff send her to the airport, she raised her hand and wave, smile and nod to every single tom dick and harry in her way. My staff says she act like a film star, suitcase in one hand, the other hand raised, smile, nod, raise hand, smile, nod all the way from the car to checking in. And when the staff asked if she knew those ppl, she admitted no. My staff was flabbergasted,"habis, kenapa you lambai lambai sini sana?"

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 7:46 AM  

  • Adrine, its not everyday I can do this much. Only on days when I am fully "charged" *grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 10:47 AM  

  • Aiyo Christene, the maid is SO cuckoo!! Waving here and there at the airport..?? But she really put on a show at the TTDI picnic yea :P

    Anyway, your fishballs look so good! I'm still not into bentou-ing but more of basic packing of food from home for Amsyar & Izzo..when they get bigger (I mean Armand & Zuleyka who constantly need someone to look after them at the moment *grin and sigh*), maybe I can squeeze in some time to experiment with this..

    By Blogger SOHO Mama, At 6:34 AM  

  • Hey Hazel, thanks !! how is the new baby?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 8:20 AM  

  • Hi Rachel's mom. haha. I learned quite a few tricks from you too !

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 8:21 AM  

  • Hey SohoMama, its good that Amsyar n Izzo get home packed food already. After all, we all tried our best. And you have baby Zuleyka to look after. Not an easy feat.

    That cuckoo maid ar. At the TTDI park, as usual in public places, she keep glancing around to see if anyone observed how efficient a maid she is. She keep reminding Ashley monotonously "Ashley, jangan lari" but Ashley was nowhere near her. She didn't even realise that Ashley was with my husb far far away playing bubbles.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 8:25 AM  

  • Aiyo...I'm so sorry you had a crap maid.....

    By Anonymous Big Pumpkin, At 5:27 PM  

  • I sent my teruk maid back too after 15 months.

    As usual, your bentos are looking so colourful & YUMMY!

    By Anonymous BoeyJoey, At 11:20 PM  

  • Wow, your food look so delicious. I wish I had the time to make such intricate food.

    All the best.

    By Anonymous Nick, At 10:07 PM  

  • Hi! ^^ I really like your blog, it's interesting and I love bento. I always hear my malaysian friends speak of maids and nanny, etc. Is it a common thing in malaysia to have a maid? Here, it's rare. I think it's interesting! But your maid sounded awful D: good you got rid of her!

    By Blogger 枯淡, At 4:29 PM  

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