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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Diapers again? Not exactly, its diaper cover this time.....

I wanted to show off Ashley's wool shorties for the longest time. She has them for a few months now but I hadnt time to upload them at flickrs. Come the time I have some time to do it, my camera has gone missing. Now that I have found my camera, I discovered that the last maid has misplaced the cable. so I decide to steal the picture from kozydesign's site instead and ta...dah....

This is the one that Ashley got !! Pink with grey ruffles. The pink is actually more pleasant to the eye than in the picture. When i get a card reader, i will put up a picture of it here. Meanwhile... wool lovers... feast your eyes on these !!!

These really are the prettiest ones around that I could find, Llamajama excluded. Llamajama has also very pretty prints for baby girls. But Ashley has outgrown her Llamajama. When I get the size 3T AND the card reader, will put up a pic here.

Ashley sometimes wear fitted diapers at night now. And when she does, I don't bother changing her into PUL diapers anymore. I just pull over this shorties or her Llamajama longies over the diapers. Those wool covers are so soft and luxurious to the touch !!

On long road trips, the wool shorties and the wool longies are the first thing I grab to dress her in. They are so soft and comfortable. My heart just feel so good knowing that she is feeling comfortable. We use them every single time we go on long drives

Some may think that its a lot of trouble lanolizing the wool.

* Lano-what??!!*

Lanolize !!!

It means to wash the wool cover with lanolin rich foam wash or lanolin rich soap cos lanolin has resistance to odor and rash causing bacteria, and if you lanolize your covers, your covers doesn’t need to be washed every time it gets wet! You dont have to worry about getting woolcare in Malaysia either,cos Mia Bambina has them. I just saw it on her site yesterday. Asked Sandra about it and she said she just put it up yesterday.

I used to have to get my brother who live in Perth to bring it down to me to save shipping cost, OR pay for shipping costs of the wool care products. Can be hefty, cos they are heavy !

Diaper addicts really should try them !

And ...0h yea.. while I was getting those wool shorties the last time. I also got myself these mamapads ...

Got to steal another picture from their site...till I get my card reader and put up my own stash here. I got the bamboo pads one each in every colour !!! Those rainbow colours are so pleasing to the eyes !!

Anyhow...the colours are so so pretty that I just had to have one in every colour..okay, except the dark bluish colour, which I didnt fancy

And they are really luxurious to the touch too !! I never knew that practising natural living could be so much fun...hee... hee


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  • your shorties is cute!
    i also suppose to blog about maya wools and step by step to lanolized in pictures, but my camera broke down last week, and I just bought a new one this week,
    But today my dh bring the camera to must delay again....
    hopefully can blog about it soon!
    sure the mamapads look yummy! the most bright colors of mama pads i saw so far!

    By Blogger Sandra@miabambina, At 11:04 PM  

  • hi...have just stumbled upon your blog, love it! will be lurking around from now on okay ;)

    By Anonymous Abby's Mummy, At 7:49 AM  

  • wow! the colorful mamapad! You sure know how to threat yourself nice... yeah? :)
    The shorties also very vibrant in colors. Ashley is so lucky to have such a pretty pair of shorties.
    Please let me know whether there are any compression leak from the diaper for long ride? I'm still unsure whether wool cover will be suitable for younger babies as they seldom turn when sleeeping (just like sitting in car seat for long hours).

    By Blogger Peridot&Sapphire, At 12:10 PM  

  • Hi ATP--those shorties are so cute and I bet they look great on Ashley (smile)!

    It's nice, tho, to be out of the diaper phase.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:40 PM  

  • Hey Sandra, just read your post on woolcare. great post !!

    Hi Abby's mum, thanks for visiting!!

    Sharine, i dont quite understand what you mean by compression leaks but Ashley's longies usually only feel a bit damp at most and never wet uncomfortably. Hope that answers your question

    Hi New Parent ! I just love the colours on the shorties. ha ha. And since I am presently diapering, I might as well have some fun while I am at it. ha ha

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 3:24 AM  

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