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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New washing machine !

Our new washing machine came today. Ashley ran to hide when the Harvey Norman’s men came. She is shy that way. So unlike her bossy chieh chieh.

It’s time for a new washing machine anyhow. When we first got married, we wanted to save, so when my elder brother offers us one of his old washing machine, I snapped it up. Time and again, the machine broke down, but I never thought to get new washing machines , probably because at that time, Kimberly stayed with my in laws and we don’t do much laundry. Sometimes we took the laundry over to FIL cos we visit every weekend those days and there isn’t time for laundry at home.

With the birth of Ashley, our maid of 3 years, Atin was still hand washing Ashley’s clothes. Our clothes were still minimal.

Come the time when Atin left, and new maids came and went. Industrial cleaning from professional cleaners is still not an option at this point because we have replacement maids from maid agencies who still owe us maids in replacement to those we rejected.

Anyhow, I decide that its time to machine wash Ashley’s and Kimberly’s clothes. Reason solely because all of them maids failed miserably in hand washing clothes.

They all do the same thing. Soak in minimal soap powder and maximum water, then do one of the other, ie. just swirl their hand inside, or the other thing,scrub between their hand till lints came up.

And they usually scrub at the wrong spots, ie the spots that doesnt need scrubbing. Then they rinse with only a quarter bucket full of water, and voila, all done. You can still get soap water dripping off the lines. Doesn’t this all sound so familiar?

So anyhow, with the vigorous use of the machine nowadays, the old trusty has decide that it has seen its better days and that time has come for it to take an infinite break.


However, my sole reason for getting a new machine was Ashley. Everytime the machine spins, it rumbles and roars terrifyingly….or so it seems to Ashley.

Once it even rumbled so hard, it toppled off the concrete platform on top of me, who was trying to fix it. No harm done, cos it was only halfway toppled with half its body still on the lower platform and the other half at the top platform.

Ashley however, the poor dear, screamed in horror and toddled over as fast as her two little legs could carry her, and pull me by the arm away from the “dreaded monster”, saying “Momma !! Momma!!! Hurry!!! Hurry !!!’ and tried in vain to drag my body weight from the scene of danger with her tiny frame.

That touched my heart to no end. I didn’t know that my little 25 months old knew enough to save her mommy from danger. Isn’t she such a darling?

Hence, the new machine !


It's such a pleasure to walk into the kitchen nowadays and greeted by the smooth finishes of a brand new sparkling white new machine instead of the yellowing cracked surfaces on the old machine. We just can't do without this useful kitchen appliance , can we?

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  • she is such a lovely girl..Washing machine can save you alot of water.It's worth that a full function washer.I like to get one for my mum when i have a chance to go home.:)

    By Blogger Sweetiepie, At 1:00 PM  

  • Hi Sweetipie,not sure what u meant by full function but it sure have everything imaginable ie. prewash,extra rinse, easy iron, time save, delay function, hand wash, jeans, cotton or daily cotton etc. It sure cover just about everything. its Electrolux, in case you are looking at it for your mom.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 1:25 PM  

  • thats nice, a washer is always needed but some how the older people in my family like hand washing but I don't.

    By Blogger ilovepearly, At 10:01 AM  

  • Aw..that is so sweet...
    Yup..maids cannot be trusted to wash clothes ler...they can't even wash their own clothes properly..

    By Blogger Sue, At 8:50 PM  

  • i love a front loader. hubby stingy so i had to make do with the top. that also i had to fight for minimum 6kg. he asked why i need a big machine for. he doesn't realize one load of queen size bed linen is already gone, PLUS we have winter here. good on you!

    By Blogger Sweetpea, At 8:55 PM  

  • sound good you r having a new washing machine

    By Blogger Hazel, At 10:29 AM  

  • Ashley is such a sweet darling :)

    By Blogger Ling That's Me, At 1:04 PM  

  • Ashley is getting sweeter each day!
    Love her wavy hair... so nice!

    By Blogger Angeleyes, At 4:15 PM  

  • washing machine is a great helper...cannot imagine without it..

    By Blogger chanelwong, At 5:32 PM  

  • wow! that new machine sure is high-tech! yes.. that maids' hand washing story sounds all too familiar :-)

    Ashley is so adorable.. love those eyelashes...

    By Blogger sting, At 6:17 PM  

  • got harvey norman in kl? i used to work for them here; damn shit job!

    By Blogger Wuching, At 9:19 AM  

  • hey came across yor blog via deana's...i think you got such a lovely daughter...she's so CUTE with those huge eyes!
    you should get a dryer along with the washing this weather you asked do we still need it? hubby got me one and it is very useful...however we used it only during raining season...and it dries up faster and saves a lot of time!

    By Blogger andrewjune, At 9:47 AM  

  • ashley is so daring can save mommy in "danger"! You know what that indesit front loader is the same as my MIL's and it roars! hahaa...
    nvm, it's far away from the reach of the kid so the sound doesn't terrify little one. Old machine but still operating daily...

    By Blogger Peridot&Sapphire, At 10:18 AM  

  • Hi Pearly, know what, this washer has a hand wash function. dont know how it work cos i have yet to try it, but i am hoping its like the real thing. ha ha.

    True, Sue, most of mine just leave their pile damp in their bathroom till they ran out of clothes, then dump the whole lot into a pail and swirl them around, then hang them still dripping wet off the laundry line,,,eyewwww...

    hee hee... sweetpea. i have MIL on my side. I neednt have to do anything. She does all the talking and he is convinced !

    Thanks Hazel. god know i need a new one by now.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 6:03 PM  

  • BTW, a tag for you!

    By Blogger Peridot&Sapphire, At 3:07 PM  

  • yeah.. kids are actually very protective of their mummy, my girl pushed away this aunty's hand when she wanted to help me massage a stiff shoulder. she thought the aunty was hurting me. i was so touched by it.

    By Blogger Constance Chan, At 10:23 AM  

  • a simple tag to you..have fun

    By Blogger Hazel, At 4:48 PM  

  • Hi AATP--that is such an interesting reaction and so sweet that she would respond that way.
    Cute, cute pic of her (smile).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:18 AM  

  • Thanks, Ling and Angeleyes. I actually thought she will lose the curls as she got older, but she took after her dad and my MIL, as curly as can be.

    Chanel, we spend a lot of our weekends at FIL , so the washing machine breaking down isnt really a big deal. But good to have a reliable one at last.

    Sting if we can come out with a book on maids, it would be a best seller. Everyone would go ",Yea yea , yea, mine also like that wan"

    Ha ha. WuChing, the service in Harvey Norman here is definitely good.

    Hi AndrewJune, thanks for visiting.Thanks for your kind words about Ashley. She have rather pretty eyes, doesnt she, and which i love so much. But true what u said about dryer. I have one and I really need them. Cos I do my laundry only when i have time and nowadays it could be 3 loads in a day and none for a few days after that. And the towels and diapers are so much softer and fluffier after coming out from the dryer

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 2:14 PM  

  • Yea, Sharine, kind of makes u wonder how a tiny frame can save her mommy, yea? YOur MIL has indesit too? The plumber said that the old indesit are built to last, unlike the new ones. Thats why your MIL and my bro's one can last so long, i suppose.

    Thanks for the tag, Hazel, and Sharine too. will prob do that over CNY, ha ha.

    Hi NewParent, it is rather interesting , isnt it? and you get to know your little one's characteristic and personality by her reactions and her actions daily as she grew. And by the way, Happy Chinese New Year to you !

    seeing CNY is only 3 days away, i think Malaysian bloggers would be quiet for a while.

    Kong Hei Fatt Choy , everyone !!

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 2:20 PM  

  • i want to wish you and family KUNG HEI FATT CHOY first. who knows when we will be free next! :)

    By Blogger Sweetpea, At 11:07 AM  

  • I love Ashley's curls...ohhhh how I envy her. Anyway, wishing you an advance Happy & Prosperous Year of The Rat

    By Blogger IMMomsDaughter, At 12:27 PM  

  • wishing you and your family a very happy chinese new year :-)

    By Blogger sting, At 11:31 PM  

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

    By Blogger Sue, At 11:34 AM  

  • Ashley is so big girl already, with longer hair! so girly. She is so beautiful!!!!

    By Blogger Vivianz, At 11:37 PM  

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