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Friday, May 30, 2008

Kimberly's bag collection

I found this draft in my blog. Forgot that I had intended to post this after my post on Kimberly's Peekaroo bags

These are some of Kimberly's other bags from Kimberly's existing collection. She keeps them pretty neat and proper, all in their designated slots in her bag wardrobe. Yea, sigh, she has a wardrobe that she reserve just for bags and folders alone. Her mom dont even have space for tshirts, okay! She would only condescend to use those bags that she didnt love that much.

This is the bag that triggered her love for bags. She got it for her birthday a few years back, her 5th birthday, I think.


Subsequently, a lot of other bags was reserved a special place in her wardrobe


This is an overnight bags. still brand new at time picture taken. Fortunately she was willing to finally use it when we took a flight out for my brother's wedding last year.

It's a gift from my friend, Rachel, who came back from visiting the states with her boyfriend for a holiday, because she thought we travelled to FIL frequently and Kimberly would find this useful.

This one here is Kimberly's absolute favourite. Its decorated with stones. She would only use this after Auntie michelle got her a second similar one when she came back to Malaysia. Before that, she would just keep them in her wardrobe (so that it remains "beautiful and brand new", she says)

She uses this for her ballet class.


These are from flower fairies drawsting bags.



I think these are still new, cos I havent seen her carrying them yet.





A lot of Kimberly's bags are still new. She wouldnt use them. I suppose she will only do so when she get new bags and she like one of the bags less than she like the rest. And that would be the one she would use next.

These 2 are drawstring bags for ballet shoes. She put her black character ballet shoes in one and her pink ballet pump in the other.


Yea, i know, I know.... If it isn't that obvious already..... They are all about dancers and ballets and fairies and princess... so what else is new from my little madam? Hee hee..

This is the last picture I have in my laptop. It's is also a backpack.


This one is from a site recommended by Brenda. She told me where to buy cool backpacks for little girls. I forgot the name of the site but if anyone is interested , just drop me a comment, i will dig out my old invoices in my old laptop or ask Brenda the site's name again. To ease the matters, you can email Brenda to ask her as well.

Kimberly has other bags, but Disney Princess type, which are her "not-so-favourite" anymore.

When you have little girls at home, your house get cluttered with these kind of stuff instead of Optimus Prime figurines and Hot Wheels.

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  • Wow, your gals (or rather influenced by mummy, hehe) really have a lot of girlie stuff and cute stuff eh? My gals have a huge collection of Disney stuff too. I think I shd also arrange them and blog about it soon :)

    By Blogger Health Freak Mommy, At 5:19 PM  

  • Wow...she loves ballet.

    By Blogger Kay, At 8:17 PM  

  • I love the bags your girl have! So pretty & pinky :)

    I have a girl & a BOY! So can you imagine how messy my house is? Hehehe...

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 2:13 AM  

  • oh those bags would make my girl so happy ballet, fairies and princesses LOL

    By Blogger natesgirl, At 5:21 AM  

  • my girl would love all those bags she and your dd must be twins!

    By Blogger natesgirl, At 5:22 AM  

  • It shows that Kim really loves ballet huh? I love all those girlie stuff too but I don't have a girl so there is no reasons for me to indulge in those!

    By Anonymous Angeleyes, At 8:25 AM  

  • i love all the bags here cause they are in pink's really..really pretty

    By Blogger Hazel, At 1:09 PM  

  • oohhh... having girls are so much fun ya!! my fav is her ballet class bag too... lovely.. lovely!

    By Blogger sting, At 2:09 PM  

  • Wow! Those bags are so...nice. I love it so much coz is pink ballerina. If those bags are selling here, sure I will get one each for Sasha too.

    Haha..:) the bag that I recommended you 2 buy also there. This bag very nice and you should embroidery Kim name on it, like what I did for Sasha. I embroidery Pink color thread for her name.

    By Blogger Baby Sasha N Mom, At 1:01 AM  

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