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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bento #70

Monday’s bento was fixed in like 5 minutes. All I had needed to do was snip!

Because MIL fried some roti canai for DH’s breakfast, I took advantage of the ready cooked food. Otherwise it was going to be pasta with meatball and kiwi. MIL had came over on Saturday so that I could go in the office over the weekend to do some work in peace, to make up for the backlog last week when Ashley was sick.

I had a full day trial on Monday and didn’t want to spend too much time packing a bento.

To expedite, I also use this bento box that I got from 100 yen store for RM4.90. I also got the compartmentalized boxes for RM4.90. Such a good deal, yea? With this, I don’t even need to dig out my silicon cups !!


I thought I give Ashley a change from the usual pink bento boxes! So I use the stripey beige one instead of the dotted pink compartmentalised one.

I cut one of the roti canai into triangles and sprinkle them with sugar.

At the side is some jelly mooncake that the girls’ 3rd Kau-Fu bought over for them on Saturday night because we couldn't make it to my mom's for family dinner. It was Mooncake Festival Day on Sunday.

I had to work over the weekend and came home quite late.


But isn’t it nice of their single and young Kau Fu to think of them when he saw those jelly mooncakes?

I love how the mooncake maker makes those orange balls to looks like egg yolks as in the traditional single yolk mooncakes. I was told those are home made. Made by our neighbour next door. My mom's neighbour,that is.


My kid brother bought them 4 different flavours. There are dragonfruit flavoured one, coffee flavoured one and bubur cha cha flavoured one. But Ashley prefer this over the rest. This is corn and orange.

I added some grapes in the bento box for Ashley.


I am pleased to note that she has graduated to eating grapes with its skins on.

Those are seedless. But where they are with seeds, Ashley would bite a teeny bit off the top, then dug her finger in to pick the seeds off before popping them into her mouth.

I wonder who taught her that? Maybe a teacher in school? Or perhaps she observed someone in her class doing that? But I thought I was the only mom who packed a bento box or a lunchbox in her kindy, so where did the grapes in school come from then? Anyhow, will make a note to ask her teachers.

I added a Hello Kitty anti-bacterial sheet on top of the food to stop the sugar from the roti canai from scattering over to the mooncake and grapes, not that it matters anyhow, since all 3 are relatively sweet food.

She ate half the roti canai but finished all other food.

I guess roti canai won’t be in the list of my favourite bento item.

Not just because she didn’t like it enough to finish it, but also because it is ghee laden.

So that’s Monday’s bento.

I was half minded to scoot off to court without having her going to school, so that I don't have to worry about her food and save time on bento. Her gran would see to it that she eat throughout the day in my absence. But I'm glad I didn’t take her off school on Monday. The little one would have been oh-so-bored at home.

Will catch up on the rest soon.

Have a great week ahead,all !


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  • My kids always peel of the skin when they eat grapes. It's quiet messy packing grapes for them, but then, they are so convenient and colorful for bentos. :P

    By Anonymous shoppingmum, At 11:48 PM  

  • Hello Allthingspurple, you sure one real expert on Bento meals.
    Maybe should do part time catering business, supply school kids with Bento lunches?
    You are very good.

    To juggle court cases, kids and constructing, designing Bentos....
    By the way, I did try out studying law, but when coming to Roman Law, law of Torts whatever, and those latin words, I put up the white flag, ha ha.
    Became a business man. Less headaches, ha ha. Hate to study.

    Aha! But can still remember, 'Actus Reas', and 'Mens Reas'. I still have that one book, Criminal Law' today in my cabinet....gosh, 43 years ago! Lee.

    By Blogger U.Lee, At 4:33 AM  

  • roti canai would be great for my boys...they love both with sugar & 'dal sauce'!! again MIL 'man sui'...
    the boys' bento today also got mooncake..."festivity bugs"!!
    anti-bacterial such thing ahh, emmmm, ok ok!! but not in d picture rite?

    By Anonymous jacss, At 10:03 AM  

  • hi. I have learnt yet another thing from reading your great blog...Anti-bacterial sheets.. where can i get these? might be very useful to cover certain types of foods in the fridge too.. you think?

    By Blogger YozoraNiteSky, At 11:41 AM  

  • I've not try any of these fancy jello mooncakes till now... hopefully can get to taste some next year! :P

    By Blogger Angeleyes, At 12:23 AM  

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