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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bento # 67

This is Ashley's bento meal of today.


She is not feeling well today. She has cough and flu, so I thought I wait till she wakes and see whether she feels up to going to school. Work is out of question today.

Ashley usually loves school and would ask to go even if we didn't send her over.

She woke at 9.45 am and wanted to go to school. I figure that by the time she gets to school, her school's break time would be over since we are going to school late today. So I fix her this breakfast bento meal for the drive out to her school instead. It's a good 15 minutes drive to her school.


Its honeydew melon cut out in tulip shapes, with slices of cheese between ginger thins biscuits.

She loves these mild cheese from the Ikea cafe. I suppose its because its full of eeny weeny holes and she finds it fascinating?


She only ate the biscuits by the time we got to her school. So I close the bento box and gave it to her teacher for her to finish in class. Then scoot over to Jessie's workplace to download pics into my laptop, minum teh with her, and got back just in time to pick Ashley up.

You can imagine how long we can chat! My, I have just discovered what a gurreat cook she is. She knows how to marinate satay, she can make mooncakes from scratch, make the mungbean paste herself, the red bean paste herself, the whole work !! Her chicken paste, chives, prawn stuffings for tofu pouch ....sigh..I was in gastronomic heaven just drooling over her pics. What pics? Those pics she had in her thumbdrive, lar. I had the liberty of scrolling through them with her explaining how it get done. still wowing..ha ha.

Anyhow, I thought I picked Ashley up from school early today since she is not feeling too well. Went to Ikea, which is on the way home, for lunch with her, of which she ate nothing but brocolli. Sigh..she is feeling worst than I thought. So I left most of the food untouched and brought her home for her medicine and her nap instead.

Now that she is taking her nap, I figure I quickly load this up and send it out.

Have a great day today, all !!


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  • oh dear hoping ashley recovers soon ya... and sounds like you had a great day :-)

    By Blogger sting, At 9:45 PM  

  • o dear..hope little Ashley get well soon...

    Rachel's mom

    By Blogger Rachel, At 12:03 PM  

  • ash better recovers soon .. :) so tt Mummy can prepare more bentos for her :)

    By Blogger I am Princess Misha's Mum, At 1:01 PM  

  • hi Christene. I hope little Ashley is feeling better today. Make sure you have Kimberly drink more Vit C juices and liquids too. The weather these days is awful. Everyone in the office here is coughing and having the sniffles too :(. Btw, I have nominated you for an award. Don't worry too much abt forwarding.. just wanted to know that you really have a wonderful blog(s) but this one here is my fav amongst all the others which you have. Take care now.

    By Blogger YozoraNiteSky, At 4:57 PM  

  • You have a cute tulip cutter there. I think that day we chatted for almost 1 hour over a cuppa of milo. Woman is really amazing! LOL

    By Anonymous Hijackqueen, At 10:52 AM  

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