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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bento # 56 and Bento # 57

It has been wonderful being able to lie in bed till 8 am or 10 am everyday for the last few days !! It was school holidays last week! And I need not have to wake up at 6 am everyday to pack a bento meal for my picky eaters.

Now that the one week break is over, it's back to bento-ing again !!

This here are both kids' bento for today.


Bento # 56


Bento #56 is turkey slices with cherry tomatoes and grapes sitting on a bed of lettuce. Both are topped with fish shaped steamed carrots.


I love my new itsy bitsy cookie cutter. Yozoranitesky has so kindly gotten me this stash. She says it's for the kids and refused to let me pay her back.



I have been wanting to scatter carrot/vege cut-outs on top of the kids bento meals since forever, but haven't any cookie cutters small enough for the carrots. Yozora and I have been talking about visiting that bakery supplier store in Kepong that has itsy bitsy cutters.

I was overjoyed when Yozora gave me these 2 weeks back !!! She had gone to Singapore for a short trip a few weeks back and had popped into Daiso for a quick grab!

I had told her that she only need to get them if it wasn't imposing on her, but the sweet soul that she is, she had made time to drop by despite her busy schedule.

I had wanted to use them earlier but I hadn't time till now.

Don't they look pretty? Those little fishies swimming around on top? ha ha.


In Kimberly's blue bento box, there's peanut butter sandwiches. She just won't have butter sandwiches, egg sandwhiches or any others.It has to be peanut butter sandwiches. For now, anyhow.

On top of the sandwiches is one kiwi,sliced up and divide with baran for her easier picking. She just loves kiwi. I couldn't find any of the yellow ones here though. Rachel's mom and LZmommy had commented that those are sweeter and doesn't sting the tongue so much. I would love to get some if I can find some here.

Ashley's bento is just plain bread cut out. Instead of kiwi, which she doesn't fancy, I gave her a tube of cheese stick instead.


Bento #57

Last but not least, MY BENTO ! ha ha ! Which consist of leftovers.


It's bread pudding with leftovers from cut out carrots, leftovers from the middle portion of the cheese stick, leftovers from cut out bread, leftovers from the outer layer of the turkey slice, which I normally dont give kids.

I scoop them all into a ramekin bowl, beat up an egg and add some milk, pour over them, didn't wait for it to soak out, but just placed them in the oven outright !

I timed it for 25 minutes while I go get Ashley ready for school.

Packed them into this bento box with my new bento strap!


And that's the bento for today, folks !

Happy Bento-ing !


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  • Hi!
    Sorry for my very late replay. I've been away on holiday! But I added your blog to my links on Blogger-Whore (
    Best regards

    By Anonymous Mia, At 4:20 PM  

  • Hi there, I'm from Singapore. I love the bento you created!

    May I know where you get the giraffe fork from?

    By Blogger Domestic Goddess, At 4:45 PM  

  • Does Ashley finish up all the little carrot fishies? Love them loads!

    By Anonymous giddy tigress, At 5:15 PM  

  • wah! you have so many courier buddies now and I'm sure yur collection have grown 3x!

    By Anonymous angeleyes, At 6:13 PM  

  • I also bought those items from Daiso a few months ago. Very useful for kids' bento. I'm sure you would have bought up the store if you went yourself.

    You're a typical mummy, saving the best for the kids and eating the leftover bits. Anyway, have fun with your new 'toys'.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 10:33 PM  

  • Got to learn how to make the bread pudding. Good idea to avoid wastage.

    By Blogger JO-N, At 11:18 PM  

  • I never know how to make bread pudding, thanks for sharing :)

    Taking about kiwi, I just bought the yellow kiwi again.. Hope you will be able to find some :) My kids now only eat the yellow ones coz I always ended up buying the sour ones :(

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 9:57 AM  

  • me too..have difficult time looking for cutter small enough to shape those carrots..

    By Blogger Rachel, At 12:50 PM  

  • eh, if u hv chance to pop into "bake with yen" bakery supplies store (, there hv lots of small small cutters!!
    geee....thot d pudding bread, u beli wan, wuah... can look so nice wan!! good way to use up d left over, thumbs up!!

    By Anonymous jacss, At 3:43 PM  

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