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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bento #74

This is Friday's bento.

I thought I haven't use many of my character cookie cutters save for Kimberly's favourite Hello Kitty one, so I dug out a few on Friday.

This is one of the un-utilised cookie cutter. I figure Kimberly won't much like those with Pooh or Mickey's shape, but she probably will like My Melody.


She had asked for a bento meal on Friday, which is encouraging, because she has been saying that kids are staring at her lunchbox, and I thought she is a tad shy about having bento.

Perhaps that explain why she had only shared her bento meals with a few selected schoolmates, Claudia, Elizabeth, and I think, Alexis or was it Alexa. Those were the ones she said liked her Hello Kitty shaped peanut butter sandwich, her Hello Kitty shaped carrots and home made chocolate chip cookies.

I slip some cookies in a cinnamoroll mini ziplock bag for her as a treat sometimes if I chance to bake some over the weekend. She said her friends claimed it is exactly like Famous Amos. And she goes around telling my friends, "My mother knows how to bake chocolate chip cookies like Famous Amos". It's kind of embarassing sometimes. If I were so good, I set up a stall already, haha.


Anyhow, Kimberly's bento are peanut butter sandwiches. She had also asked for apples and carrots, and weiners.

"Those with cheese in it", she had specified.

I usually just cut the carrots in strips but since I have steamed carrots leftover from yesterday's bento, which saves me time, I use her favourite Hello Kitty character cutter for it instead. Apples in likewise shape, save for one, just so that it could fit in the available vacant slot.

Ashley didn't go to school on Friday because I would be in court whole day that day and didn't want to have to worry about picking her up on time. Besides, with MIL being here that particular week, I could take advantage of not having to send Ashley to school. Ashley's gran would be feeding her porridge with steamed white pompret instead.

So that's catching up on the week's bento. Couldn't post today's bento cos I left the camera at home and haven't load it up. Now that Friday's trial is over, I am taking advantage of MIL's presence here this week to prepare for my upcoming trial fixed on next Wednesday and Thursday. These are the only days I could work late without having this niggling doubt about my kids' well being.

Happy Bento-ing, all !

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  • hehehe.... with a bento meal like that, sure get other kids looking and wishing their mom would make them one...hehe

    By Blogger Ms. _____ 2 be !, At 10:04 PM  

  • The My Melody cutter is very nice, and just right for the My Melody box.

    Your MIL is really fantastic, coming here so often to help look after the kids. She must love them very much.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 10:36 PM  

  • Pearly, Kimberly was probably wondering instead, "Why are they staring at my lunchbox?".haha.

    Hi, 3lilangels. Yes, MIL is a big help. I suppose its also because I palmed off my maid to her (I can't stand their dishonesty) and she thinks its good to bring maid back to my house every once in awhile to clean up instead of leaving maid sleeping whole afternoons off at FIL's house till dinnertime cos there isn't anything to do there. Long story about my dishonest maids, will blog about it one day.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 3:20 PM  

  • hi..really enjoy ur blog. I'm frm UK and looking for ideas for my daughter's lunch box.Browsing online all night can can get those cute lunch boxes and cutters etc here. cld u pls let me know where which store u can get them in KL or Malacca, so tht i can get my sisters to get itand post it to me. Cheers!

    By Blogger aiping, At 7:06 AM  

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