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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Flower Girl Bento

With so many outstanding bento posts, I have lost track of which bento is which day. So I shall just go by the week. Haha. This is one of last week's bento.

Kimberly likes the little flowers in the bento so much that I did this over and over again for her through the next week. So you will probably be overwhelmed by little flowers in the forthcoming posts.



As usual, speed is of issue. Even in kyaraben bentos.

Since I have always wanted sprinkle my bento with little flowers, I had those little flowers cut out and stashed in the freezer for when I need them quite sometime ago. I know Kimberly would absolutely love them. Each morning, I forgot to make use of them. And when I do remember to , I can't find them in the huge deep freezer. So when I found them again, together with my frozen stash egg sheets, I store them in the freezer in the refrigerator instead of the deep freezer for easy access.

So Bento #116 is peanut butter sandwiches with kamaboko flowers. I filled the gaps with grapes and heart shaped weiners.

The peanut butter sandwiches were cut out from a kaiser circle cutter.

On top of the peanut butter sandwiches, I lay a slice of cheese so that the Flower Girl can stay in place.

I made use of CP's cutters used below used on the bento below to make a cheese face.

Kimberly did the hair on the girl *grin*. She calls it "Flower Girl".

Instead of the cutter's regular hair shape and cloud-bunches ponytails, she had wanted to give the girl a flower tiara.

The flower tiara doesn't work cos the cutter was too big. So we added bunches of flowers at her nape to even out the space and hope that it could pass off as her hair. Kimberly was a tad clumsy with the tweezer and I helped position them back into place.


BTW, if you didn't know already, the flower hair were made out of CP's orange lunchsheets. Even with the kamaboko flowers ready made, I found that I took a good 20 minutes with this bento too, because I had needed to cut out the flowers from lunchsheets and place the flowers carefully on the face with a tweezer. That took time !!

That cutting out of little cheese heart to adorn the heart weiner took a little time too.

To keep the little pieces of floral hair in its place, I dab some mayonaise on them and also cut out a mini square shaped food grade plastic to lay it on top of the Flower Girl.

I tested it by taking the mini clear plastic sheet off again to see if the flowers still sticks to the girl. Satisfied that it, I strap the bento box up.

As bento-ers are aware, with the Halloween, there will be an onslaught of halloween themed bentos from Japanese bento bloggers, and with Christmas, snowman and Santa themed bentos. Now that the moo cow craze is over, I see some Japanese sites featuring Valentine bento contests with bento meals complete with a loving couple (a girl and a boy, Mickey and Minnie, you name it) and lots of hearts. Now let's see if I can up myself to get into the spirit of things by fixing a Valentine bento as well.

Anyhow, that wrapped up last week's bento. Now for this week's bento. I am far from catching up, aren't I? *grin*

Have a great day today, guys, and Happy Bentou-ing !!

P.S. Edited to add this picture.

Milly asked me which cutter I used for the girl's hair. It's a cookie cutter. It's an old one. I probably got it from one of the cake supplier store in town.

It's the white one at the bottom far right.


It's the same as the one I used for the green flowers in the Tulip Bento below.

Hope that helps.


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  • I have that table mat too! But it doesn't look nice with my bentos, maybe I don't have cute girlie bentos like this! This is nice!
    Oh ya, I thot of doing that wiener hearts too. LOL! But I can't find red wieners here, like in Japan. Our wieners are not really red huh?
    It's great that Kimberly likes to decor her bentos, she will get your skills soon. :)

    By Anonymous shoppingmum, At 1:52 PM  

  • This is the first time I took pictures with table mat, though. I can't catch a good light with the reflection from the table shining up. So probably will utilise those table mats from now on.

    Haha. Kimberly doesn't really like to decorate bento. She was just being kaypoh because she happened to stroll into the kitchen while I was looking at the cutter's instruction books.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 3:57 PM  

  • I love the heart shape sausage!!! so creative!!

    By Blogger Rachel, At 9:17 PM  

  • is in d air, happy valentine's day, didn't do one for huby kah, haha??
    i copied d heart shaped weiner edi....for my valentine bento, kaka!!
    i like all d flowers too!!

    By Anonymous jacss, At 1:11 PM  

  • Thanks for your kind words, Rachel. I learned that heart weiner from you tube. It's really easy. Just cut a sausage diagonally and stick them together. The only creative thing I did to the heart sausage is only to add the heart shape cheese over it cos I thought the gap looks ugly and I wanted to seal the gap. And I punch a hole through the heart to make the colour more outstanding. I learned from those kamaboko I cut out that those with holes looks nicer, so you will be seeing a lot of stuff with "holes" in my forthcoming bentos.haha.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 1:48 PM  

  • Jacss, hee.hee..I copied the heart sausage too, from you tube !! Yea, I love those flowers too. I see a lot of bento-er with cheese flowers over food but I dont fancy melting cheese all over fruits so I thought kamaboko is a better option. And kamaboko is the only food I can think of with any colours suitable for flowers. Kimberly absolutely loves pink flowers!

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 1:52 PM  

  • wow... unbelievable! you're so creative & patient to take the effort creating such lovely & awesome bento!! *Salute*

    By Blogger Wonderful Life, At 3:20 PM  

  • as usual .. lovely bento :)

    By Blogger I am Princess Misha's Mum, At 2:24 PM  

  • Ok, I'm NOT sick of saying this (I hope you will NOT be sick of hearing it) -
    YOu are really an artist!!! Every creation which I've see here are worthy of getting top prize in competition!

    By Anonymous Angeline, At 1:59 AM  

  • Wonderful Life, Thanks for your kind words. I don't have that kind of patience everyday *wink* Only when I have time on my hand. haha. Hey, how come I cant get into your blog anymore? It says link not found?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:34 PM  

  • Hey Angeline.... hee..hee.. Thanks for making my day. But I am nowhere near any of those fabulous Japanese bento moms yet!

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:38 PM  

  • aiyo, really make me want to try to make nice

    By Blogger Hazel, At 10:10 AM  

  • Haiyo...your bentos all look so nice. Like the heart shape sausage, will try to copy it one day. And wished I had all those teeny weeny cutters. My cutters are all way too big.

    By Blogger A Mom's Diary, At 6:14 PM  

  • Hi Allthingspurple, always marvel at your beautiful creations and innovativeness.
    You sure have a creative mind, coming out with attractive creations daily.

    Bet in dressing too, huh? *Wink*.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

    By Blogger Uncle Lee, At 11:32 AM  

  • Hey, Hazel. Do try it !! You will enjoy seeing Nelson grinning from ear to ear looking at his lunch !!

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:14 PM  

  • Mom's diary, the heart shaped weiner is really easy. I learned that from you-tube videos. Just cut the sausage diagonally and join them with a food pick. easy yea? *grin*

    I had those cutters from Sandra one year back but didnt utilise them till now, cos wasn't so free back then. You can get those cutters from 100n yen shop now. go get them.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:16 PM  

  • Haha! Thanks for your kind words, Lee. I have been visualising Kimberly opening up her bento box to see a garden full of flowers but in this sprinkles of flowers is the closest I could get for now. Will try to achieve them when I have time on my hand.

    One thing I can say though, these little lunchbox meals sure get my little girl some new friends in her new class, which is precisely why I proceeded with them. *grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 12:31 PM  

  • Ur bento r so cute!~

    By Blogger little prince's mummy, At 3:04 PM  

  • I got read your bento wan. Just that they are too pretty (prettier than mine) I boh bin want to leave a comment. As usual, love the flowers.

    By Anonymous Hijackqueen, At 11:15 AM  

  • This Queen, ar, didn't know maid is now back wif me from my in laws, somemore say got read my blog. *grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 11:33 AM  

  • Hi Little Prince's Mummy, thanks ! Wanna tryout bento-ing? It's a little something fun that you can do in your kitchen. My husband calls it the latest housewifey fad.haha.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 11:35 AM  

  • This is really very fantastic and so appetizing. Thanks for sharing dear.

    By Blogger MiChi, At 3:34 PM  

  • Nice flower bento! I love it too!! Kimberly so lucky to have beautiful bento everyday.

    By Blogger Annie Q, At 1:30 PM  

  • Love the colour on this bento - must have taken loving effort with all the finner detais, well done.

    By Blogger javapot, At 9:06 AM  

  • MiChi, you are most welcome *smile*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 9:34 AM  

  • Thanks, Annie ! although on days when I dont have time for kyaraben, I just pack her off to school with just aesthetically arranged bento box, no cute details. *grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 9:36 AM  

  • Hi Javapot. How right you are. Fortunately, those flowers were pre-cut and stashed in the freezer for quick arrangment.else this would have taken more time. I actually lost those petals amidst the frozen food in my deep freezer and only found them recently.*grin*

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 9:39 AM  

  • Hey, where did my reply to Siechoo went?

    Thanks Misha's mom, not as nice as your Bratz bento, though.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 10:05 AM  

  • i'm really amazed looking at all these bentos...ask me deco food i sure koyak one oso i susah oo see so nice :). keep it up christene

    By Blogger jazzmint, At 9:02 PM  

  • oh..and i forgot to say, somemore got steps how to do!! if ever (really ever lah) I gonna do bento, i come here cari steps heheh..

    By Blogger jazzmint, At 9:04 PM  

  • You so busy still can whip all these up? You really super woman lar... I at home also can't do nice bento like you :P

    By Anonymous angeleyes, At 3:27 PM  

  • Christene, you can start decorating cakes with your tools..hehe

    By Blogger Deana E, At 11:39 PM  

  • Hey, Jszzmint, we still haven't time to chat, have we? The last meet was so short. haha! Thanks for your kind words. If you wants to know anything about the steps, just shoot, okay?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 8:27 AM  

  • Angeleyes, you can lar. Your bento are impressive wat. Actually, what we all need is only more "time". With "time" anything can be done. If no time, then have to speed bento to pack the kids off lor. Better a full tummy than not, right?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 8:32 AM  

  • Deanna, I suck at cake decorating. I have this fondant in the kitchen that I still don't know what to do with. Do I roll it? Do I knead it? Will shout for your help when I dig out the fondant, okay? haha.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 8:47 AM  

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