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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bento # 21 and Bento #22

This is Ashley's bento for Thursday. Also a simple one.

Bento #21


Plain bread cut into Hello Kitty shape. Steam carrots on the side with cherry tomatoes on top. Inside the yellow teddy bear container is some strawberry jam for just in case.


I thought she hadn't much variety for the day so I added a banana for her.

Kimberly did not want any bento today. She asked for some pretzel only, which I stuff into one of these zipper bags. I didnt take any picture of that.

Bento #22

This is DH's bento of yesterday. DH went into office to clear some work sometimes on Saturday morning. Since I had fried some rice that morning for breakfast, I thought it would be nice for him to have some home cook food, albeit only fried rice, instead of those MSG laden food outside.


On the lower tier is fried rice with lettuce and carrot on the side. On the upper tier is a moulded egg gone wrong. Ha ha. It was supposed to be a Pooh Bear moulded egg for the kids, but the egg was too large for the mould and it didnt come out right.

On the side of the egg is some mince pork leftover from the night before and on top of the boiled egg, the last of the cherries which DH's father brought over the other week.

Wish I could make him some salmon, cucumber, crabstick or daikon sushi rolls cos I have these stuff in my fridge right now, but there isnt much time yesterday morning. Made that 2 months back, that being my first attempt, and I had thought it wasnt so hard after all. So, will probably try to do that again over the next few days.

Happy bento-ing, folks !


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  • Wow! Even your DH has bento! Lucky man :) It was very sweet of you to prepare for all in the family.

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 5:35 PM  

  • Love ur bento & other sharing. Have been a silent reader for a while. Added u in my linx.

    By Blogger Joan D'Arcy, At 10:25 AM  

  • hi...just dropping by to say hi coz i've been falling in love with yr bento for a while and i'm addicting already....gosh!!
    happy bentoing!!

    By Blogger Jacss, At 2:34 PM  

  • hi, u r really expert in preparing such beautiful bemto, it is nice to be ur children

    By Blogger Hazel, At 3:05 PM  

  • hiya! wow, you've got nice bentos!!

    By Blogger Baby Smooches, At 8:41 PM  

  • The bread cutter is great! Where did you get it from? The banana container is so cute! Love this bento of yours, simple yet nutricious.

    By Blogger JO-N, At 9:24 PM  

  • Hi Allthingspurple, wow! You sure one very innovative lady. Love the cute Bento boxes.
    Just remembered you a lawyer, huh?
    I just about two weeks go did a posting, "The elusive Perfect 10", d/d 6/11/08 (my own personal beauty scale on women's beauty)...and ha ha, mentioned about the kind of resume expected if when looking for a wife, "and lawyers need not apply", ha ha.
    Reason was had a girlfriend who was a lawyer, she sure will argue, debate with me till the cows come home, ha ha. Just kidding.
    You have a good week, keep well, Lee.

    By Blogger U.Lee, At 9:59 PM  

  • How did you get Ashley to eat cherry tomato? I couldn't get my 3 kids to give it a try.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 10:10 PM  

  • hehehehe.. you gave him a moulded egg too! how sweet of you! :-) oh, I have placed an order for the egg mould.. can't wait for them to ship from japan and send to me *glee*

    By Blogger sting, At 11:39 PM  

  • beautiful bento! like DH's bento colour combination!

    By Blogger Rachel, At 1:21 AM  

  • is the divider reusable?

    By Blogger KAY, At 4:38 AM  

  • WOMAN!!!!

    I tried posting a comment in your new site!! But, I got pushed out!! Something about having to log in to make a comment wor!!!

    ANyway, congrats yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous mott, At 6:24 PM  

  • Hi LZmommy ! Wish I could make him sushi like mamabliss did, though. I keep telling myself to wake up earlier to do it, but on the 2 occassions that I got up early for it, time seem to be taken up with the kids. ha ha.

    Hi Joan, thanks for adding me to your link. Will do that asap my streamyx came back on.

    Jacqss, bento-ing is rather addictive, isnt it? Although I wish I have more time for them.

    Thanks for your kind words, Hazel. It not up to scratch yet, but I hope to be able to make it more appealing as time goes on.

    Hey, babysmooches, thanks for visiting !

    Jo-N, will email you the link to the banana container soon.

    Ha ha, Lee, its true that lots of people say that. But hubby is a lawyer too, so lima kali dua.

    Hi 3lilangels, Kimberly naturally love fruits and veges since young (i started her young with healthy snacks like steamed carrots strips, steamed asparagus, beans, cherry tomatoes, fruit slices etc) Ashley doesnt really like them, but she WOULD be persuaded when her sister goes, "Cherry tomatoes !!!"

    Ha ha. Sting !! welcome to the world of bento-ing. Just a thought, didnt you get from its cheaper . When i first got mine,nst hasnt brought in any bento assessories except cookie cutters. but she has them now. you can save more on shipping.

    Thanks Rachel, I am glad that hubby is taking to home cook food, albeit only on Saturdays instead of those msg laden ones

    Kay, its re-usable. its made of plastic.

    Thanks Mott !!! and thanks for letting me know about the comment thingy!! Have fix it up already !!!

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 7:29 AM  

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