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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bento #37 and Bento 38

Bento #37

Thursday's bento are pasta with sauted chicken pieces with cheese sauce. This cheesy pasta is always well received in our home.

At the side are some wintermelon strips (Ashley's favourite) and steamed carrots fingers (Kimberly's favourite). Cut into strips cos no time to cut with cookie cutters. I could hear Ashley fretting in her sleep calling out for me as I was packing the bento that time, so the bentos had needed to be fast. I normally cut them into some appealing shapes if I had some extra time.

Those who like the recipe for the pasta in Bento #37 can get it from my recipe blog at Christene's Kitchen. I added some sauted chicken bits to the recipe.

Ashley has the same food as Kimberly. She loves cheesy pasta.

My aunt's MIL, Mrs Hermary who resides in British Columbia gave the pasta recipe to me when I used to live with my aunt for awhile before I got married. She has tons of great recipes, but I had misplaced my dog eared handwritten cookbook. Would have love to bake her hash browns casseroles and shortbreads.

I had cooked a lot more pasta than needed and then freeze individual portions of those pasta in large muffin trays, sauced. Then bundle them up in a large zipper bag.

I got the tip on how to build freezer stash from this great site,Lunch in a Box, which I check out frequently. Check this link on how to stash frozen food for fast bento packing.

Those 2 portions in the kids' bentos above were the last 2 portion from last week's frozen batch. I took them out in the morning and steamed them in the steamer while I got the kids ready for school. When done, I popped them into the bento boxes prepared earlier and off we go.

Bento #38

Kimberly's Friday's bento is skewered teriyaki chicken. Ashley didnt go to school on Friday.

Although I try not to present the same food to the kids for both bento and dinners but I make an exception this time because I knew that Kimberly is going to have fried rice in school and it may be nice for her to have it to go with the fried rice.


Along with the skewered chicken, some peeled grapes to wash it down with. That's the last of the purple ones.


Actually, that's the last of almost everything in my fridge. Time to go grocery shopping again !

For Bento #39 and Bento #40, click "here", okay?

Have a great week ahead, all !


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  • Lovely bento from your kitchen again :) and you have matching dividers and box!

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 12:08 PM  

  • thanks for d link lunchinabox, lovely ideas to copy!! u always made very sweet bento...haven't invest in those food devider yet.... :)!!

    By Anonymous jacss, At 3:29 PM  

  • Your cheesy pasta looks so yummy!
    I will try, too!
    I love your colorful bento!

    By Anonymous mihoo, At 4:37 PM  

  • Love the way you present the food - makes it look even more yummy.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 8:01 PM  

  • wow..mommy peeled the grapes too!

    Didn't see your this post in your other you usually post the bentos here?

    By Blogger Rachel, At 11:58 PM  

  • Thanks LZmommy. I thought I had better utilise all my bento tools. Sometimes I forgot to add them in the morning rush.

    the pleasure is all mine, Jacss. Have your checked out or they both brought in dividers too.

    thanks Mihoo. The pasta is a lifesaver cos my little one dont drink formula milk.

    hey, 3lilangels. You are not half bad yourself, saw your pics at facebook !

    Hi Blessed Mum. I guess its confusing, yea? I am evaluating whether to post bento from just one blog instead of from both blog. Think i will decide on which one soon so its not confusing for you guys.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 7:43 AM  

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