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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some of the cloth diapers ...

These are some pictures lying around in my laptop the past 6 months which I have not gotten around posting at diapering forums for sale. Will put up the rest gradually as I take pictures of them.

My apology, Bonnie, Pu, Mei, Madzuen and Adiniah, for taking so many months/weeks over this.

Drop your queries at the comment box for the price or if you need to clarify anything. I will be absorbing the shipping charges from Aust or USA. But as in usual practice, you will need to absorb the delivery charges from me to you, okay? And as per usual practice for gently used products, goods are as per as is basis and is non refundable.

I have slot in the deducted price in some items. When I have some time, I will check out the rest and edit it here.

1 . Motherease multi-fit one-size applix fastening, fitted (sold)

Got it from at AUD$21.95 (RM59.72). Selling at RM45. Fits from newborn to 3 years old. Hardly used.


2. Drybees L size, PUL (sold)

Got it from Probably worn twice only. Selling at RM49.


3. Bamboo fitted by P'tits Dessous (sold)

Got it from at USD20.80 (RM71.71). Selling at RM50. Worn less than 10 times.

Size 2 can be used as a "one size diaper" fits approximately 11 to 35 pounds.
Size 3 fits approximately 26 -44 pounds.

This is size 3. The blue one below is size 2.


4. yellow minky wrap cover by Blueberry. L size (sold)

Got it from at RM82. Selling at RM69. Washed and never worn.


5. Imse vimse one size fitted (sold)

Got it from Selling at 30% at RM44. Hardly used.


6. Bamboo fitted by Petite D'sous size "M". (sold)

Got it from at USD20.80 (RM71.71). Selling at RM50.

This is Size 2. Can be used as a "one size diaper" fits approximately 11 to 35 pounds.


7. Wool cover/longies by Llamajama size 2T to 3T

Got it at US36.00 (RM124.30). Selling at about 35% deduction at RM80.


close up


Also have them in dark pink no flower in size 3T at same price. Will put them up when time permit.

8. small regular inserts (sold)

Got them from Selling at about 30% at RM6.50. Hardly used. More suitable for newborns.


Also got some rainbow Tot Bots coloured inserts, GAD inserts, Blueberry new and used inserts etc. But will post later.

9. Swaddlebees applix merino wool wrap/cover in L size - sold

Got them from with a bunch of other cloth addicts (you guys reading this know who you are *wink*) at USD27.95 (RM96.39). Selling at 20% at RM77. Worn less than 4 times.


10. Just Ducky L size. Letting go at 50% cos this is a favourite. Worn a fair bit unlike the others which are fairly new. (sold)

Got it from just ducky's site but will go along Brenda's ( at RM88. To round up the 50%, will let go at RM40.


11. Happy Heiny velcro wetbag

Got this from at RM59. Selling at 30% off at RM41.30. Round off to RM40.


12. Imse vimse cover sold.

Got this from Selling at 20% off. Hardly worn. Probably less than 5 times. Sold.


13. Flower with purple velour L size. Nanipoo diapers (sold)

Got it at USD14.00 (RM48) Selling at 20% deduction at RM38. Worn less than 5 times.


14. Mermaid fitted L size Nanipoo diapers
Got it at USD17.00 (RM58.62) Unwashed and unworn. Selling at RM55. Sold .


15. Jamtots minky jaguar all in one (sold)

Got it at USD21.85 (RM75.27). Selling at RM60. Hardly worn.


16. Just Ducky L size, fitted diaper. (sold)

Got it from It's a limited edition of Just Ducky at limited edition price of RM90. Selling at 30% at RM63. Round up to RM60.


17. one size Mummy Touch fuchsia, PUL. (sold) Fits from newborn to 3 years old. Selling at RM40.

Also have this in light pink. (sold)


18. one size Mummy Touch Jaguar print, PUL.. Fits from newborn to 3 years old. Selling at RM48 sold .


19. Fuzibuns L size, PUL

Got it from cottontail at USD19.95(RM68.77). Selling at RM48.


20. Blueberry minky Tanzanite, one size.

Got it from Grace at RM103. Selling at RM68. Hardly worn. Also available in other colours. Can't remember. Will check and upload.



21. Blueberry minky Emerald, Training Pants. Got it at RM80. Selling at RM50.(sold) Also available in Tanzanite. (sold)


Those drybees below are probably worn once or twice, in that one week sometime in March when MIL is here, cos she didn't know that Ashley was potty trained. She couldn't find any drybees and she didn't know that I have already sold all of them by then since Ashley was only using one diapers per day by then. So she dug out a few new ones from the boxes to wash and use cos she prefers velcro and PUL .

After a few dry diapers, she asked about it and only then, use it for naps and bedtime for that week before I put it away again. I prefer fitted and snaps.

So these am letting go at 15% at RM49.

22. Drybees PUL size L (sold)


23. Drybess PUL size L (sold)


24. Drybees PUL size L (sold)


Also letting some new wipes go. Just let me know, okay? Will put up the rest of the diapers as and when time permit.

Have a great Raya holiday, everyone !!

*editing this to add this*

For wetbags, wipes and future diapers posts, please go to the Market Hall at my other blog at


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  • would like to have wipes and wipes bag. let me know how much ya

    By Blogger chee lan, At 3:49 PM  

  • I would like to get Flower with purple velour L size. Nanipoo diapers. How to pay ya?

    By Anonymous eita, At 8:59 PM  

  • Hi Chee Lan and Eita, if you will leave your email address here, I will get back to you.

    Those who are wondering why their comments aren't published, (because someone asked) it's because as I have mentioned above, so that your email address won't get spammed.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 9:33 PM  

  • Hi. am interested in Jamtots minky jaguar all in one. what size is this?

    By Anonymous mel, At 11:24 AM  

  • Hi Mel, it's L size , not all in one. But its sold. Will load up others and post it up soon, okay?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 11:51 AM  

  • Almost pengsan looking at your collection and that's just part of it, I know! What a hobby...ha long as you are happy ya ;)

    By Blogger IMMomsDaughter, At 3:05 PM  

  • I left my email address 3 days ago. Have you got it?

    By Anonymous eita, At 6:40 PM  

  • Sigh...Immomsdaughter !! Those were happy days !!! haha !!

    Eita, I have emailed you. Sorry for the delay. Been out visiting and doing stuff these few days and got home late! Let me know after you have banked in, okay? Happy diapering, dearie !!

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 9:30 PM  

  • Hi Christene,

    I'm interested in ur CDs...bought some from you last year and I wouldnt mind more as you's an obsession. And I'm expecting my no.2 soon so the more reason for me to stack up.

    Anyway, I am interested in any AIO, One size, fitted and the wet wipes.

    My email is

    By Blogger Mummy to Little Miss Sunshine, At 5:51 PM  

  • Hi - interested in your blueberry minky one size diapers...still available? how does it work ordering from you?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:16 AM  

  • Hi, will you be uploading more used cds pics soon? If yes please let me know ya..u can email me at and pl delete my email add if u publish this message hehe...thanks! :)


    By Blogger Aunty J, At 2:33 PM  

  • what size is the Imse vimse cover? if it fits a baby from 8pounds+, me wannnnnnnnnnn and how much u selling it for?
    i went to ur photobucket and wanted to know how much u selling the wahmies large wetbag? is it still available? my email is thanks ya =)

    By Anonymous lilly, At 4:55 PM  

  • hi christene. I am so mad at myself for not knowing about your sales earlier....everything seems to be sold!! is the mermaid fitted, the OS mommy touch jaguar print and fuzzibunz L size PUL still available? my email is If you have the time, pls let me what is still available. Thanks.

    By Anonymous sunita, At 1:30 AM  

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