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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deana's Gifts !

Deana came down last week. We were suppose to meet at Midvalley so that I could pass her those diapers, and perhaps have coffee and a quick chat. As luck would have it, she is only in Midvalley for 2 days and I couldn't make it on the first day.

She mentioned that she would be leaving the next day itself. I didn't expect her to be leaving so soon. So after sending Ashley off to school, I drop by Boulevard to meet her.

There isn't time for a chat , only for a quick hello!

Deana is such a lovely girl to talk to , and her baby !

I tell you, I can't stop gushing over her baby ! Earnestly I have not seen such a pretty baby girl for a long long time !! Her photos at her blog doesn't do her any justice at all.

She has this "I am such a cutie" written all over her !!! And gurgly laughters, to boot. I think she could charm anyone if she is minded to. haha !!

For such beautiful babies, I think you should have half a dozen more babies, Deana ! Just kidding !

Anyhow, Deana, the sweetie that she is, not only collect those dipes, she also bake my 2 little girls those cupcakes ! How did she know that my girls absolutely have this thing for cupcakes and pretty decorations adorning cupcakes ! Probably the fact that I rave over every cupcakes my little girls enjoy has something to do with it. Ha ha !


Aren't these amazing?

And they are in lavendar, right up my little girls' alley ! Especially Kimberly, who loves all shades of purple!

They each have one on that day itself and the second piece were saved for another day in the fridge.

Those who don't know, Deana takes cakes orders. She is from The Land Below the Wind aka Kota Kinabalu ! Check out her cakes at Deanacakes !

The sweetie also gave my little girls these bento boxes ....


One pink and one blue!


and complete with straps ! Kimberly likes the bunny one but I like the red floral one. haha.

These are lovely, aren't they? We don't have these in our 100yen stores in KL !

Thanks Deanna !! Lurve you lots !!! Muakkk !!!

Hope we can have that coffee and chat the next time you come down here for a holiday !!!

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  • So you've met Deana and Cute Lil Sona!!! Even my dh said, Sona is cute and he carried her for a while during our dd bday party last month! heheh.

    wow that cupcakes sure are a hit for your girls. And Deana is so sweet and nice to bring that all over from KK!!! and the bento stuffs too!!

    btw....we haven't meet yet!!!
    hmm dunno when I will go to KL again. Maybe next year to change the photos of Maya's passport.
    Dh hope that we can do it via mail, to safe time and cost. But secretly I wish we MUST go to the embassy our self so I will have the excuse to go to KL !!! stttt dont tell him!!!

    By Blogger Sandra@miabambina, At 8:56 PM  

  • Oooh... such lovely gifts. The cupcakes are gorgeous. You've made so many wonderful friends through blogging.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 11:39 PM  

  • Oooh, those purple cupcakes are just too sweet-looking to munch into! And to think she brought them all the way from KK!

    By Anonymous giddy tigress, At 4:50 AM  

  • such lovely gifts!! won't bear to sunk my teeth in those beautiful cupcakes ;P

    Got a tag for you on my boy's blog. Thanks:)

    By Blogger Blessed mum, At 11:51 AM  

  • Oh what a sweet friend you have. I've never seen such beautiful cupcakes!

    By Anonymous Asianmommy, At 12:10 PM  

  • Yeah, that's so sweet of deana to bring the cakes all the way from kk..

    Mdm Purple, may be next time you can consider come to kk also..hehehe

    By Blogger Bonnie, At 1:30 PM  

  • Hi! Try to check out the 100Yen shop in Taipan, USJ Subang. I bought similar bento boxes and straps from that place. They carry slightly different stuff from the one in Uptown Damansara. The sales personel in Taipan is also friendlier.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:19 PM  

  • The color of the cupcakes is awesome. They are just awesome and pretty!

    By Blogger Health Freak Mommy, At 10:25 PM  

  • Hi Christene..

    I am still trying to write and post pictures of my trip to kl and seremban and at the same time trying to change my theme then i saw ur post in my blog list...i love love those diapers..if you still have i won't mind buying again..haha.

    may be next time we can meet up again.i wanted to see your girls but what to do time does not permit and as bonnie said, come to kk and we will have a mini gathering.sure kk bloggers wanna meet you and ask u how you 'preserve' your look so young and goodness i can't stop typing..

    By Blogger Deana E, At 12:02 AM  

  • The cupcakes look so nice..。 Feel "sayang" to eat it lah!

    By Anonymous beckysmum, At 5:17 PM  

  • wah ... cupcakes look yum to eat!!! maybe i should learn how to make cupcakes too.

    we do have 100Yen shop. it's located in uptown.

    i replied ur comment on my blog at

    By Anonymous renaye, At 7:24 PM  

  • love the cupcake.. so pretty

    By Blogger chooi peng, At 9:32 AM  

  • that was really thoughtful...knowing u & yr girls are fans of 'purple' and there the cakes were all purple!!
    bento boxes...what oth gifts are better for u, she knew it, haha

    By Blogger Jacss, At 1:03 PM  

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