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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fermented mustard Pork Belly Bento

Bento #89

Wednesday's bento was my bento. I packed some leftovers from dinner the night before in a lock and lock and heat them up the next day in the microwave before packing them into the bento box.

It's fermented mustard and pork belly from my frozen stash. I usually cook a large batch over the weekend and stash them into 3 equal portion in equal sized containers for freezing. When come dinner time, I would take one box out to defrost and heat up, cook only one stir fry vege and some soup in the pressure cooker.

I put aside a portion of the frozen stash for wednesday's bento the night before. Fermented mustard and pork belly is just about my favourite lunch time food ever ! I cook these whenever I can, but as Angeleyes says, it's so difficult to get good fermented mustards nowadays.

Just when you thought you found the perfect one that suits your taste, one that is not too salty, not too "crumbly" ie with the right "crunch", the next time you went back for it , found it different, the tau geh soh will say,"oh, that's from a different batch/supplier. We dont take from the previous one anymore". Sigh.

I thought the pork dish looks dull so I slid some sliced carrots at the side for some colours.


Added a boiled egg for more protein cos just that fermented mustard pork isn't much.


On the other 2 side containers are fruits and veges. They are sliced up kiwis and apple and zucchini slices layered with each other.

For all the soy sauce mini containers lying around my drawers collecting dusts, I forgot to pack some soy sauce for the egg. Lucky thing I have 2 half bottles leftovers from before in the fridge in the office. Else I would have a hard time getting that egg down my throat. haha.

So, that's last Wednesday's bento. Will try to update the rest soon.

Have a great day today, all !


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  • Hola Chris!

    Just wondering, which brand is your lunch jar from? I saw one in Jusco a couple of weeks back going for RM90.00 in a nice green color!

    I would love that the fermented belly pork dish of yours to have a wee bit of sauce though! I am such a 'kuah' person! LOL!

    By Blogger Emily, At 12:39 PM  

  • Got, Emily, lots of sauce underneath. That's a pretty high and slim container.

    It's a La Gourmet Sakura Series. Will try to load up a pic of it here later.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 3:56 PM  

  • Yeah yeah... I have been searching for the good old mui-choy for ages! Those my aunt used to buy for me from Singapore are always out of stock and only 1 seller is selling in the entire Singapore!

    Now that I see you cooking it, I also wanna cook a pot! :P

    By Anonymous angeleyes, At 4:55 AM  

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