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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Smudgey Hello Kitty bento !

This is today's bento. Pardon my untidy handiwork.

Knowing that I may not make it in time for Kimberly's bento, I shouldn't have attempted this. But Kimberly has requested for a Hello Kitty face like Ashley's lunchbox. So I thought if I could have the nori face punched out and laid out the night before, I may just about keep in time. Unfortunately the nori pieces were not as neatly cut out as before. But I failed to observe that yesterday.

Anyhow, here's a smudgey faced kitty bento!

Bento #83


Kimberly is having pork chops for her school's lunch today. So may as well get her more carbo on her bento meal today. Kimberly has a Hello Kitty moulded rice and her bunny companion moulded rice, both with a carrot ribbon. Between the 2 moulded rice are some honeydew melon cut outs in heart shape, and some steamed carrot cut out in heart shapes.


Since this is a 2 tier bento box, I gave her some heart shaped cheese sandwich for laters, if she wants them.

The white bread are store bought and the inner whole meal bread are home made. Kimberly's classmate's mom, Sue, helped me got these multi size heart shape cutters from the Daiso in Singapore and I have been wanting to use them since forever!

They came in like 6 sizes and is more useful than my 3-size star shape cutter which smallest one is rather large. These one has a much more smaller cutter for the inner. I could cut the inner shape with the smallest cutter and not waste the inner cut outs.

Between the cheese sandwiches are steamed corn. This is one of Ashley's favourite. Since I packed this for Ashley today, Kimberly gets some too.

This here is Ashley's bento

Bento #84


Steamed corns !


Heart shaped cheese sandwiches !

With some grapes cos Ashley prefers grapes over honeydew.

Now to wait for Kimberly to get home cos both kids are going into office with me today for some late work since MIL couldn't come down this week to mind the kids and I have a 2 day continuous trial on Monday and Tuesday.

Happy bentou-ing, all !!


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  • at least yours is better than mine! mine sometimes got frustrating!

    By Blogger Rachel, At 5:35 PM  

  • I saw the cutters at Daiso but yet to get them. I really like Daiso, it's so easy to get bento gadgets there and not to mention, they are cheap!

    By Anonymous shoppingmum, At 6:12 PM  

  • I so "heart" the heart shaped cheese sandwiches!!! So pretty!

    By Blogger Annie Q, At 10:43 PM  

  • You have made beautiful, amazing bentos--so cute!

    By Anonymous Asianmommy, At 10:33 AM  

  • U really very creative in making nice nice bentos!~ bravo!

    By Blogger little prince's mummy, At 12:53 PM  

  • I got the 6pcs star cutter instead. Spot them by chance when someone leave them at the cashier's counter. And yet I was debating if I should buy them cos i've already got a star cutter. Wah glad i bought them.

    By Blogger Jessie, At 2:17 PM  

  • I think they look great! And I like the colour of the bento-s :)

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 3:18 PM  

  • Hi Christene,

    This is my personal email:

    I will probably send it out next week. So sorry for the delay...

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 3:19 PM  

  • Wow, your bento is more and more professional, I think you can published a book with your all your bento pictures!! I believe people will love it.

    By Anonymous Veronica, At 6:47 PM  

  • wow, you start bento long ago, so nice your bento....

    By Blogger Lovely Mummy, At 10:31 AM  

  • hi, I always like to hop over to look at your beautiful bentos. You're so creative with ur bentos!

    By Blogger Fussy mum, At 2:24 PM  

  • Very colourful bento. Like Blessed Mom's, my HK nori punch also get stuck lah.

    I bought both the heart and star cutter from Daiso too. Had so much fun with them.

    By Blogger 3lilangels, At 3:09 PM  

  • Hey, Rachel's mom. I think we ought to get those tweezers like those Japanese moms did when they place them itti bitti bits. haha.

    Hi Shoppingmum, lucky you to have access to Daiso.

    Hey, Annie, what a shame we couldnt talk much just now, with the cars behind me. haha. Yeah, those hearts makes such a big difference, don't they?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 2:23 AM  

  • Hey there, Asianmommy! Thanks for your kind words. It was fun packing for kids.

    Hi, Little Prince's Mummy, thanks for your compliment. And thanks for dropping by

    hey Jessie, good thing you got them. They are such a steal, aren't they?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 2:31 AM  

  • Thanks, LZmommy ! You always have such kind things to say. However, I must admit colour contrast makes a difference in my first kid's bento compared to my 2nd born.

    Thanks for the ultimate compliment, Veronica! But I am not that "geng" leh. Still far to go.

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 2:49 AM  

  • Hi, Lovely Mummy ! Thanks for your kind words. Yea, I started packing bento since May.

    Hi, Fussy mum. Thanks for your compliment. I am glad that the bento-s are well received. We all tend to love stuffs to to do with kids, don't we?

    3lilangels, my puncher get stuck too. I think the seaweed is too damp sometimes?

    By Blogger allthingspurple, At 2:58 AM  

  • wuah...yr heart shaped cheese sandwich was so neatly done, simply beautiful!! and d grapes with leave picks were pretty!! admire admire...

    By Blogger Jacss, At 11:08 PM  

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