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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bento #93

This is catching up on last week's bento posts. I hadn't load any of them up till now cos I couldn't locate the wire thingy that download the pics from the digital into the laptop. Ashley played near my work station the other day and must have taken it somewhere. Found it in her toybox today stuffed inside one of her backpacks.

Ashley didn't go to school on Wednesday because she got up in the middle of the night and refuse to sleep till like 5 am. So she slept in till about 11am on Wednesday.

It's been like that the past few days. Help ! Can someone teach me how to get her back into her old routine?

Anyhow, these are the kids' Thursday's bento meals.

Bento #93


It's a quick one cos majority of the time was taken up putting different food in different cooking gadgets , and popping and skewering the edamame.

Fortunately mankind invented the fryer, the steamer and the gas stove. haha. Cooking different food at the same time sure help speed things up.


I popped the sliced carrots and bun in the steamer and the fishball and edamame into different pots to boil.

Then popped the remaining last 2 fish nuggets into the fryer while I take out bento boxes and silicon cups, and washes the grapes and cherry tomatoes.

Silicon cups sure are time savers.

MIL usually buy fishes for us, cut and packed them, and bring them frozen to us. The fishes that she buys sure beat those around here. So much fresher too.

The nuggets in the kids' bento meals are of odd size. It's because MIL cut out these 2 nuggets in the bento boxes from one whole fish, a Kurau fish, I think. The bigger portion is from the middle portion of the fish and the smaller portion is from the tail end.

It's the last two, that why one kid only gets one. I made up for the protein in fishballs. Those fishballs are store bought. Actually, pasar malam bought. haha!


Because the food is more than the kids' usual portion, I put them into this 2 tier bento boxes. They came with chopsticks.

Not that any of my kids are going to put those chopsticks to use. They are still on trainer chopsticks.

But having them with the chopsticks makes them look prettier, doesn't it?


As usual, Kimberly gets her pick first and she gets the pink one, the Marie Cat.

Ashley gets the red Miss Bunny. But I like both of them. They come in their own tie string lunch bags. Will put up pictures of it someday.

So that's Thursday's bento. Now to top and tail both kids and them to bed. Will see if I have time to upload the rest of the bento pictures by tonight into photobucket.

Happy bentou-ing, guys !!


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  • These seem like more than the usual that you have prepared for them and I like it coz it's so colourful! :)

    Poor mommy... You must be very tired too. I think you will have to wake her up early and try to let her stay awake. It will be tough but I hope she will be back in her usual routine soon...

    By Blogger LZmommy, At 1:16 AM  

  • Hi Allthingspurple, your kids sure very lucky getting all these lovely they enjoy eating too.
    Looks so cute....I've never seen food arranged so beautifully.
    You are good, Allthingspurple. Lee.

    By Blogger U.Lee, At 1:44 AM  

  • This is such a healthy bento and colourful too!

    By Blogger Rachel, At 7:02 PM  

  • Does she nap in the afternoon? If she does, don't let her..just keep her distracted by things or activities. Don't let her sleep so early at night till she kicks the waking up at 5am thing.What time does she sleep at night? If she use to sleep at 10pm then stretch it till an hour later or two. Should work..good luck.

    By Anonymous Sue, At 9:05 PM  

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