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Monday, September 18, 2006

Lori's Nursing Necklaces

Most breastfeeding moms will relate to this. When the baby turns 4 months old and became more aware of her surrounding, she gets distracted easily and doesn’t nurse quite as long. The baby nurses for a minute, then pulls off, stares at daddy and chuckles, then nuzzles her nose against mommy again, looking for the boobs to continue nursing, then pulls off, tweak, tweak, then nurse again. That isn’t half as bad if we are within the four walls of privacy. But it can be somewhat embarrassing if the kid pulls off midway leaving boobs hanging out in public.

Anyhow, I posted my dilemma to some breastfeeding forums and some mommies says to try Lori’s Nursing necklaces. The idea of a nursing necklace is to let the baby play with them while they nurses so they would be nursing longer.

This is the first time ever I have ever heard of a nursing necklace, so I checked Lori’s gallery at her website. Gosh, they were all so pretty! I wanted so many of them! They came in shapes of animals , and in assortment of bright colours,, which is so cool for babies,.

So I wrote to Lori and asked if she would mind shipping them over to me since I don’t live in the states. Needless to say, I was more than delighted when Lori suggests that we do a trade instead. I will get her some necklaces from Malaysia and she will exchange the nursing necklaces for them.

So off I went to Central Market in KL looking for necklaces I think she may like, preferably those made from our local produce. A girlfriend, Michelle who had just returned from England for a holiday with her 5 year old son, Joey, came along and helped me choose some good ones. I found her necklaces made from a combination of coconut husks, beads, cateyes, coconut wood and one made from clusters of shell from our shores. She particularly like the one with the cluster of shells.

Lori says to send her my preference first so she could start on them. Had a tough time choosing , and eventually I decide on the "Tara" or "Mary" design for Ashley (leaving the details to Lori's discretion) and one sibling necklace for Kimberly (so she wont feel left out). Ashley’s is to be with animals beads and Kimberly’s is to be in pink and purple. I told Lori that Kimberly likes girly stuff like butterflies, fairies and princess so Lori incorporated shades of pink and purple and added a butterfly for Kimberly’s sibling necklace.

I received Lori’s necklaces the next week itself, way before I even posted hers to her. Amazing colours and such good combinations!!! Here is a picture of the necklaces with a close up pic. Ashley’s nursing necklace has her name on it.

When I nursed Ashley in public now, she no longer pull off as often as she does before, that means, darling husband doesn’t have to cover me up in a hurry. LOL

Lori and I thought this exhange thingy is rather fun. So next, we are going to exchange some local boys' game like spinning tops or congkak for her 5 year old son with those candied coloured good enuf to eat pretty bows from "Little Bow Peep", the owner of whom she is acquainted with for Kimberly.

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