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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Diaper stash

diaper on laundry

I have been buying and buying, so much so that I forgot what I have. I stored some in the drawers and some in the diaper holder on Ashley crib. Some in Ashley’s cupboard. Now I have resorted to buying 3 pink containers from Ikea and storing each day’s laundry in each individual box and rotating the diapers every 3 days. Yes, I am talking about diapers again. Don’t kill me. I can’t help it. I am officially a cloth diaper addict now.

Okay, its time to show off my stash again. I am putting up some pictures of some earlier previous addition to my stash. For recent addition to my stash, I will do them later when I have time to take pictures of them. Kimberly took some of these for me when I had wanted to do it myself. She was so eager.

“Let me help you, Momma!! Let me ! Let me! “

And of course, I am more than happy too. Excuse the pictures if it isn’t well taken. Ha ha.

These shown in this post are my favourites from my older stash.

Will show my other favourites later when I do a post on the more recent additions to my stash which I got last month.

This two here on top are the Berryplush jaguar and Berryplush soft pink from Jam Tots.

baby soft landings

Ashley wore the jaguar Berryplush with a white polo neck long sleeved tee at the Mommy and Baby fair at Midvalley last month.

Lots of moms at Brenda’s booth can’t resist stroking their palm over her bum. Hee hee. Those moms were looking over Brenda’s fitted cloth diapers at her booth, BabySashaNmom.

This here on the bottom right hand corner is BumGenius Bamboo, also one of my other fave, for the firm body and build in a diaper so soft to the touch.

This is Pink Intensity Baby Beehind on the bottom left hand corner. One of my other favourite. I dress Ashley in this a lot.


The pink is so intense, the name is so appropriate.

I got them all from BabySoftLandings, an Aussie online store.

These below are some of my other favourites, the Just Ducky diapers. The alphabet print is my fav.

alphabet just ducky

This one is a tad big, being size L. It has flannel outer and fleece inner. Love them for the texture and the oh-so-pretty prints.

Ashley also fit the Just Ducky in medium size. The blue dot in pink fleece in the picture below is the medium size. Its also in flannel and fleece. The rest are in cotton knit and fleece.
just ducky

Anyhow, I got all these from Just more than half a year ago. It's an online store in the states. Those who are interested can call Brenda of BabySashaNmom. She is bringing in some just ducky dipes next month.

I also like these from Swaddlebees (the two top ones). Very plush and very trim. You can even see the plush from the picture. It has easy to dry sewed in booster. I got one-size fit all for these.
natural babies
Got them swaddlebees around 3 months back from NaturalBabies, another online store in the states. Those who like them can call Sandra of Miabambina. She will be carrying some Swaddlebees next month too. Sandra is our diaper doctor in Malaysia. She knows everything under the sun about dipes.

This is Ashley in swaddlebees playing in her gran's room.


Oh, and that natural coloured non printed one’s sherpa from Happy Heinys. Really soft. Like Drybees’ bamboo fitted.

Last but not the least of my favourites, is this pink gingham FuzziBuns. Love the print! Cant get the print here, so got to get them from an online store in the states.

Wish I could find my darn camera. Wish I can take more pics of Ashley in them. When I have the camera, I couldn’t find the time for it. Now that I have lost my camera, I keep wishing I had taken more pics.

Okay, time to get a new camera. Doesn’t look as if my old one is going to turn up.

Have a great day , All and happy online shopping, you moms out there !!


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