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Sunday, December 05, 2010

My very first layout

I thought I would make an attempt to do a layout after a bout of making nothing but tags and notebooks and mini albums. I had not attempted one before because of thought of filling out a 12 inch by 12 inch empty space to make it aesthetically easy on the eyes seems so intimidating!!

I had prepared myself for a mind block and a 2 hour task. Suprisingly, it wasn't that daunting after all. I was pleased that for a first attempt, this took me less than an hour, about half an hour perhaps? Once I got going, things just seems to flow.

This is Ashley on her kindergarten concert doing a Korean dance in her Korean costume.

I love how she obediently cast her eyes down demurely the whole entire performance (almost) just because their teacher instructed them to. I had thought that this was so adorable.

And I just love the rolling camera, the "Take one, cut" board, the negatives and the film strips. I cut the rolling camera, the negatives strips and the take out board out from another patterned paper and paste them on here. And doesn't those reading scripts just tickles you to bits?

Her original stage has flowers and picket fences in front. So I cut out a fence with Tim Holtz's "on the fence" die. If the paper looks familiar to you, it's the paper backing that comes with the packaging on which the prima flowers are glued on.

Since I cut off the flowers on her stage from her photo in order to fit the page, I added back some flowers and floral elements wherever I could to enhance her stage. The glitters from the ribbons gives an illusion of glamour on the stage.

On another note, my darling 9 going to ten Kimberly made this birthday card for me with the help of Teacher Jessy. Isn't she adorable?

She told Teacher Jessy that it was my birthday ( a few days back) and she wanted to make a card for me. Wasn't that sweet of Jessy to help her?


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