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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a simple Tea Party Bento

This is a quick post.

I find it easier to post bento meals that are more recent so will post this first. The outstanding ones that need some recollection on what food goes underneath which food, I will post as and when time permits and slot them in between recent posts instead.

This is a bento for Kimberly's school tea party. It is a tea party organised by their English teacher following the class' subject topic on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in their textbook.

Each time the kids have a party, my contribution of either trays of jellies or skewered weiners cum grapes cum fishballs cum tomatoes would came back half full.

I thought this time I make a smaller portion of food, since the kids always have to much leftovers.

Wise choice, cos this time, Kimberly's containers came back wiped out.

As usual, when I have unplanned bento meals to pack, I fall back on the tried and true and famiiar items.

so, this was her tea party bento.


The top tray has kamaboko-s stuffed with raw carrots and raw zucchini, some furikake riceballs, heart shaped weiners and nuggets to fill the gaps so that the food won't jiggle around in her schoolbag on her transport from home to school. Added some swirly kamaboko around for colours.


The 2nd tray has some rice cubes, some with sakura denbu on top, and larger heart weiners cos this is one with cheese, since Kimberly likes her weiners with cheese in them.


Added some strawberries and halved mini pears and halved mini plums wherever I could to fill the gaps. Also slide in nuggets wherever I could to pack the food tightly to avoid the food moving around.

I got away with cheese faces on top of the nuggets. Although Kimberly doesn't like "icky melting cheese" as she calls it, on top of sliced oranges or apples or other fruits, she doesn't mind them on top of savouries. And since cheese on nuggets is okay with her, I figured whichever kid chanced upon her tray won't mind them either.

I was glad that both trays came home empty.

I did say this is a quick post, didn't I? *grin*

So, have a great day today, folks, and happy bentou-ing !


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Friday, March 13, 2009

Calling all diaper addicts Part III

Following the earlier post, some girls have been dropping by my place for more dipes and these are all I have now. All the goodmamas are sold, most PUL sold, most L sold. Only left these and woolies. My apology for not being able to post them earlier cos those buyers were actually here to pick up those posted ones but saw the others on chance and took them.

These are for those who ask to post first so they can have a look before I get around to checking the price. So here goes.


swaddlebees organic fitted Large size in pink velour


bumgenius fitted with velcro size large


newborn bib in minky cow print. It's reversible with cow boy print on the other side in cotton. (sold)



Dream eze fitted with snaps in size XL. Lavendar.


Ruffled wool skirtie with pant bottom in sunrise. Custom knitted from USA. The yarns are purewool and are in 4 ply, that's about as premium as you can get. The person who made those longies had to get them dyed specially from a very good yarn maker in USA. This is size 3T, but I guess could fit a 2T toddler. Brand new.


The real colour.


Just to show you guys the pants underneath.


Minky blueberries in dalmation print. One size. (sold) Cyan (sold) Camo Pink (sold)


Found this. I had wondered where they got to. It's an M size trainer pants by Blueberries. (sold)


organic fitted Loveybum in XL with snaps.


newborn bibs in cotton camo print.


It's reversible with minky pink on the other side. It's a strong shade of pink. Like the swaddlebees fitted pink colour above. This was captured at night, when I couldn't get a good light.


Happy Heinys fitted bamboo with snaps. Size L


Baby Beehind bamboo fitted with snaps in pink. I was told by Brenda of Babysashanmom that this is a discontinued colour and that there are no more pinks. (sold)


Wool longies custom made by the same knitter, wool as before, 4-ply wool from the famous yarn maker. Brand new.

This is knitted to fit a 4T. But since AShley was toilet trained at around age 1 1/2, she is not likely to need this at all.


Close up


This is knitted to fit a 3T to 4T, its longer than Llamajama 3T. Will need to check measurement for those interested. Also 4ply from same yarn maker and custom knitted by the same online store owner.


Close up.


Wool skirtie by Sweet Seats.


Close up.


Wool skirtie by Babysoftlandings. This one has pants underneath to keep baby's bum clean from the occaasional bums on the floor.


Close up.


Llamajama in 3T.


Just Ducky fitted size XL with velcro and minky inner. (sold)



Wonder works PUL one size with snaps. (sold)

Will add more later when time permit. And add the prices later and hopefully when I get home.

Those who wanted the details earlier can just leave a comment for me to get back to you on individual items, okay?

Have a great cloth diapering journey, guys ! And have a great day today !


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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Forest Animals Bento

Bento #120

I have a little time today so, feeling guilthy, I thought I catch up on some bento posts. Haha!

Ernestly, I have since given up on figuring out which bento is which, having the lack of time to post bento posts in the recent weeks due to sudden avalanche of workload.

Bento meals were packed everyday, cos kids got to eat, (to quote a fellow blogger who also seems to slow down in bento posts in recent months. haha) but sometimes some of my packed bento meals are not taken pictures of for the want of time. Not all are kyaraben anyhow *grin*, cos there are days when I am not spared an extra 10 minutes. The last month has been nothing but hectic !

This here was Ashley's Forest Animal Bento.


It's all protein food and fruits.


I have been packing nothing but protein food for her lately. She ate rice in school but sometimes doesn't like the side dishes that they serve. So her packed meals are accompaniment to her lunch. Whatever she didn't finish for lunch, the teachers will bring it out again during tea time for her.

So, having a little time after fixing Kimberly's bento, I thought I top up Ashley's bento with some cheese figures.

Using cheese is way easier than cooking eggwhites or boiling kamaboko for the cutting out faces and shapes. Using cheese is just one-step. It's only a matter of taking out the cheese slices from the fridge and cut.

Using kamaboko and egg whites? Two to three steps, cos I need to either slice the kamaboko, or seperate the egg whites from the egg yolks, then cook, then cut. It takes a whole lot more time.

And it's no secret that Kimberly had warned me that she finds melting cheese all over her fruits icky, so I will not even attempt that over fruits, sliced up or otherwise. p.s. She loves cheese, but only on bread or ham or likewise savoury food, just not on top of slices of oranges or strawberries or melting on top of sweet stuff.

But since Ashley's bento meal has fishcakes on it, I thought I could get away with sitting cheese on top of them.

Hence, Ashley's Forest Animal Bento.


I thought I do some possums and bunnies.

Okay, they may not look like possums without circles under their eyebags but humor me, okay? *grin*

Ashley's bento has deep fried kampung chicken pieces at the bottom.

In most of my kids' bento meals, my nuggets are usually kampung chicken deep fried in nugget size or bite size, or fresh fish like kurau or cod cut up into even sizes and fried coated with batter.

I try not to buy processed food for my kids, save for spams and weiners, of which I try to get good ones from deli-s.

Being quite picky about my kids' food, my kids has also been having home made juice and home baked bread as long as they can remember.

Anyhow, I divide the chicken pieces with slices of zucchini, which Ashley likes.

On the other side of the zucchini wall, I slot some fishcakes slices for Ashley, cut into teddy bear figures. On the left are some carrot sticks, raw, since she is into raw carrots nowadays.


Filled the gaps with sliced up pears and some strawberries. As usual, and as with the traditional bento box meals, my kids' bento meals need to be tightly packed to withstand jiggling in the schoolbag during the kids' transport from home to school.

Those pink kamaboko flowers are from my pre-cut frozen stash. All I had to do was heat them up.

The thing about kyaraben and oakakiben bento, for the faces and shapes on top of the food,you can't figure out what food goes underneath them.

I find that I need to spend some time trying to remember what goes on underneath those faces and shapes. It's much faster posting more recent bento meals. So, I probably will just post whichever seems easier and faster in the latter posts. Haha!

So, happy bentou-ing guys !! My apology for the long absence in bento posts. Will try to make it up soon.

Have a great weekend ahead !


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Monday, March 02, 2009

Calling all diaper addicts Part II

Following the earlier post on diapers, I have such overwhelming response that some girls has been arranging to meet out and asking to see the remaining diapers that I haven't posted up.

In the premise, out of Ashley's balance diapers of about 120, about 90 has been sold and there is scant little left. So this will probably be the 2nd last post, the last would probably be accessories and other items that is not so popular with Malaysian cloth addicts, like wool skirts or wool knitted pants, boosters, pre folds etc.

These here below are mostly in size Large.


1. This is tots bots original in yellow. Selling at RM48.90. Sold.


2. Thirsty pink fitted in velco. RM41.30.


3. Swaddlebees blue PUL in velcro. RM52.50 - sold


4. Swaddlebees organic cotton velour fitted in pale peach. RM66.75 - sold


5. Happy Heinys cow print size Large. PUL with velcro. Comes with insert. RM61.60. Sold.


6. P'tite Desous fitted pink in bamboo from RM78.40. sold.


7. Fitted bamboo Ptite Desous in blue. RM78.40. (sold)


8. Fuzibuns pink florals PUL medium with snaps. This was reserved for a fellow blogger last year but I couldn't find them. Now it turned up. There is also size Large in the same print. RM53.20. Medium sold. Large sold. (sold)


9. Tot Bots orange fitted diaper in velcro at RM48.90. Sold.


10. Swaddlebees one size organic velour fitted in butter, with snaps,RM72. (sold)


This is how its like on the inner. It's sewn at one end so that the insert will be attached to the diapers for ease of convenience.


11. Mummy Touch in PUL with snaps. Leopard print. one size. There's a better photo here at the below link. RM47.95. Sold.


12. Blueberry minky one size PUL in Tanzanite. RM70. Sold.


13. Liners from Bellabottoms. Pending info from Brenda sold.


14. Liners from Miabambina. 50% off . Sold


15. Boosters from Bellabottoms. Pending info from Brenda. Price longtime forgotten. sold.


16. Boosters from rainbow tots (Tots Bots) brand new. RM10. (sold)


17. Booster topped with fleece. (sold)


There's 4 of these. RM16 each.

These are all used very rarely. If you consider rotation with about 160 others or so, you get the idea. Most are used less than 5 or 10 times cos during Ashley's cloth diapering days, MIL used PUL more than fitted. These are mostly going for 30% off save for new items which shall be 15% off and save for the liners stated at 50%.

There's a few more size Large diapers (maybe about 8 or so) including Baby Beehind in hot pink that I haven't loaded up, and will put that up in the latter post.

Will put up the price as soon as I get this last submission out of the way. I need to file this submission by today. Sorry guys.

Meanwhile, you guys can check online and then let me know which one you are interested in. My humble apology for such inconvenience. But will get to the pricing as soon as possible, hopefully by tonight after kids had gone to bed.

I have some in size XL which Ashley won't be needing so many of cos she would only need them for the occasional road trips for just in case. She has been night trained for the past one year and more and does not use them save for once every few months or so while we are on the road where rest house are too far in between, so will be posting some XL together with inserts and wools later.

Check out this link for unsold items too.

Have a great cloth diapering journey guys !!

p.s. Edit this to add prefold for the benefit of a few who like to view them. Will get to the details later and move them up to a new post later.


pink and purple sherpa prefold medium size. 4 of these in each colour. (3 each sold. one in each colour left)


butternut, pink n lavendar sherpa newborn size. (lavendar sold) (pink and butternut reserved 3 days)


robin egg and tangerine sherpa prefolds XL size.

P.P.S. Will load the rest when I manage to find them later.


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