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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The day she came home without her bento box

Just the other day, I was reading Jo-N's comment that her only concern about packing bento is that her kid may not bring the bento box home, since it happened once before.

I had remembered thinking, "Oh, it's probably because Jo-N's kids are younger than my kids".

After all, Kimberly is already in Primary Two. Not only she comes home with her bento box, its complete with the day's foodpicks and dividers and food cups.

Today, my 7 1/2 year old rang me up at the office. She asked if I could go to her school's lost and found store because she couldn't find her bento box. She said that she had left it on one of the round tables while she went to play. When the bell rang for ending of recess, she came back for it and found it gone.

That was her favourite bento box. It's a Love and Berry bento box.

For those of you who haven't any little girls or are not familiar with Love and Berry, it's those 2 Japanese girls, who, according to my little girl, dress up in beautiful clothes and had dancing contests.

They have this Love and Berry arcade card games at the play area at Jaya Jusco Midvalley. You can see little girls choosing their selected dress , hair do, shoes from their pile of card collection before punching the "go" button and swiping the cards through. The Love and Berry girls would be magically transformed into the outfit chosen. Cool. yea? And those who coordinate their outfit better get higher points! Ha ha.



Anyhow, I got Kimberly this Love and Berry bento box for USD16, and Kimberly was ecstatic over it. It's her all time favourite bento box.

Today, according to MIL, she came home in tears. She has been holding back her tears till she got home, the poor dear.

So I packed up my laptop, left office and phoned the school's lost and found person in charge to arrange for the key to the store room to be passed to one of the security guards so that we may have assess to it after the person in charge has gone home for the day. It was after 5.30 pm when I got there.

As usual, one of the guard would escort the parent in , due to safety measures taken by the school. The particular guard, Rashid, went with me to the cafetaria where a pile of food containers were stacked up on one of the tables. Apparently, every day after school, some kids would inadvertently left something behind.

One glance told me Kimberly's favourite Love and Berry container isn't among those in the pile. So I asked the guard if I could look through the lost and found baskets in the storeroom.

Rashid said it probably wouldn't be in the lost and found storeroom because the day's pile is still in the cafetaria, but I thought I take my chance anyhow.

We went upstairs and I pulled up my sleeves and rummaged through the pile of leftover containers with rotting food still inside them, trying not to breath as I do so.

Nope. Nothing. Feeling disappointed, I asked Rashid if we could look through the cafetaria again.

We went down and Rashid asked the cleaning lady sweeping the floor if she had seen a pink coloured container. She said," Yang itu saja ada" , pointing to the pile that I had looked over.

You know, when your kid love something so much, you do everything you can to try to get it back. I am sure lots of moms would agree with me on this.

So, I continued searching. I look under tables, behind doors, on trays, behind counters, under the sinks etc, all the while the cleaning lady keep stealing glances at me.

On searching the last of the 4 corners, just before I reach the tall 4 footer metal dustbin, the cleaning lady said, "Oh, ya, Ada satu, Yang ini" And she walked to the very dustbin and whipped it out from behind somewhere.

I was so grateful she found it, I keep thanking her and Rashid.

See? Like I found gold only !! And it's only a bento box. Ha ha.

When I reached home, Kimberly was overjoyed and gave me a hug,

"Momma !!! You found it !!!"

But what Rashid said earlier struck my mind, "kadang kadang bukan kanak kanak yang mau. Orang dewasa pun nak juga. Boleh bagi anak sendiri"

I am half minded to think that he is refering to the cleaning lady, with her initial denial and her quick recovery of memory loss, because Rashid looked at the cleaning lady funny.

Malaysian being Malaysian, we like to give people the benefit of doubts. In all probability, the cleaning lady could have earnestly forgot that she placed it behind the dustbin and not pile it together with the stack of left-behinds.

In my opinion, whether she had the intention or not,whether she had forgotten or not, at least she has conscience enough to disclose it at the end or had jogged her memory in time. To a grown-up, it's just another container, but to a certain little girl, it's really important.

And a little girl got back her favourite bento box !

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bento Pet's Bento Competition

One of the veteran bento packer, Bento Pet , the site of whom I have been visiting to learn about Japanese cooking, is holding a bento competition in view of her blog's first anniversary on the 29th and her 100th bento posts.

Can you imagine? A Hundred !!! That is a whole lot of bento packing !!

Those who are interested in sending in their bento pictures should check this link out for its rules.

The closing date is 29th of this month. I have been meaning to let you guys know earler so that more people is aware of it, but with the workload, and Ashley being sick, I haven't a chance to publish any post till now.

I was going to put some of my ideas into packing a new bento for that purpose alone, but since my digital camera has broke down on me, and I didnt have the time to drive over borrow from siblings or friends, I will be sending in my toddler's bento-s instead. It's all in the fun anyhow.

But drool..doesnt the stash of bento prizes looks good?

So, Bento-packers, you still have your weekends to send in your entries. You can always send in your existing bento pictures ! Enjoy !


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Bookworm Tag !

I got this tag from KittyCat . Thanks for thinking of me, KittyCat.

By the way, you guys should check out KittyCat's site. It's a great book review site !

This is a long one. Here goes :

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
Yes, definitely. You remember those olden days, each classroom has this huge wooden opened up bookshelves called “kutub khanah”? okay, those one decade younger wouldn’t know. But those of us who finished our homework early get to borrow a book to read till that class is over. I made sure I finish all my work fast so that I could get to borrow those. And picked one to bring home for the night. Later, I got all my aunts and uncles to sign their library cards applications and loan me their cards so I get to borrow like 20 books every 2 weeks at a time including my own cards and my mom’s. Got 8 aunts and uncles you see.

What are some books you read as a child?
Enid Blyton, Famous Five, Alfred Hitchcock, Secret Seven, Beatrice (not Beatrix Potter, the little girl Beatrice who solves mysteries. (wanted to name Ashley Beatrice but hubby didnt like the name). Never seen those books around anymore. I thought I introduce them to Kimberly. Oh, its Trixie Belden, not Beatrice, cos Trixie is short for Breatrice and I always got those two confused. Okay, then there are Nancy Drew and that 2 boys detectives, Parker something, issit? Somebody enlighten me. Cant remember their names.

What is your favourite genre?
Definitely fiction. I don’t like non fiction much unless it’s related to work or food.

Do you have a favourite novel?
As a kid, Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, To kill a mockingbird. Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I still have them. To keep them for Kimberly. I know lar, can also buy, but since they have been with me for so long.

As an adult, I like lots. But offhand i cant remember. Funny how books you read as a kid struck you the most.

Where do you usually read?
When I was a kid, always in bed with something to munch, like Bak Kuah, coconut candies, peanuts. Always need something to munch, except during midnight readings with a torchlight. My dad used to check on me cos he knew I be hiding under the blanket with a torchlight. He forbade us from having the lights on cos else we be reading till the next morning.

As an adult, on the bed, on the couch, but hardly ever am afforded the time now.

When do you usually read?
over the weekends. You meant before, right, as a kid right? Just kidding. Cos now I NEVER read, except some bits and pieces from mags when sitting on the throne. Not exactly never, almost never. Ha ha. Once in a blue moon though, I neglect the kids and hide wherever I can so as to finish that one fascinating book in a day and a night.

Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time?
Yes, I used to hate to be stranded without. But that was a long time ago. Now I am always without.

Do you read nonfiction in a different way or place than you read fiction?
no. same.

Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library?
Use to borrow as a kid. Of course now buy lar. If I happened to walk by the aisle and see a book of which preview I have read and found interesting, I would grab it. No time to browse around PayLess Bookstore with kids yanking at my pants and sleeves, although I would love to save, cos those books sits in the shelves after that or got re-located to orphanages.

Do you keep most of the books you buy?
In the guest room. The not so favourite ones went to the orphanage. Some old ones (Enid Blyton and such still at my mom's storeroom, yellowing and collecting dusts. I am embarassed to say I still keep them, bought them with my hard earned chores money and pocket money, you see)

If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them? Were they some of the same ones you read as a child?
Yes. When they reach the right age for Enid Blytons and stuff. But kids nowadays read books earlier. For one year olds, its Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Dr Seuss series, if you give a mouse a cookie, Guess how much I love you, goodnight moon, Eric Carle’s series of books and other books receommended for one year olds.

Now Ashley has graduated to fairy tales and longer stories but still love her old books.

For Kimberly in the near future, perhaps Charlotte’s Web, Little House in the Prairie or CS Lewis series.

Do you keep a TBR (to be read) list?
no, but I read reviews on these 2 and want to read them if I see them in the bookstore.
- step on a crack , james Patterson
- 19 minutes, Jodi piccoult

What’s next?
This one got to wait, I got to go home to pull it out of the drawr. I just bought one. By James Patterson. The one with the pic or a man holding a woman close.umm..if that helps. ha ha.

Oh, okay, got it. Sundays at Tiffany.

What books would you like to reread?

offhand cant remember. Got to go to the guestroom look at the bookshelves and pull out some to refresh memory. But off my head, there's one. Lord of the Rings.

Who are your favourite authors?
Stephen King, John Grisham, Mauve Binchy

And I love to pass this tag to :

  • the suzette

  • Tiny Tapir

  • Sandra at MiaBambina

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  • The tag didnt specify how many we can tag. I was about to list everyone in my sidebar, but wasnt sure if that's too long. So, will give you guys a break this time cos mind you, there's a long queue of tags coming up. Just dont hate me for it. Ha ha.

    Have a great day today, all.


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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Bento #43

    Oh dear, my digital camera has given up on me. And it's a fairly new one too, less than 2 years.

    It goes "trrrkk...trrrk...trkkk.." on me. Sounds like there's a sprung spring or something like that. I will start posing bento pics soon as i get it fixed. Will send it down for service this afternoon. Couldnt take any pics yesterday either when we went down to Genting. My kids loves Genting Highland for its theme parks.

    This was uploaded on Friday, before the camera broke down on me.

    This is Ashley's bento for Friday.

    Kimberly didnt want anything for Friday cos Friday is half day. She said she can't finish her bento on top of the breaktime canteen food. Fridays being half days, the school provide food for breaktime instead of lunchtime. Just as well, cos Kimberly already had weiners for Tuesday and I probably would need to cook her other form of protein if she had wanted bento. ha ha.

    Bento #43


    This toddler's bento is sliced apples cut into Marie-the-Disney-cat's shape. There's 3 slices in there, divided with barans. On the side are some grapes and boiled weiners, sliced.

    I thought there isn't any carbo in there, so I added some wheat thins. These are quite nice, from Ikea. If my picky eater likes them, I can safely vouch that they really are "quite nice", ha ha.


    Meanwhile, for Bento #41 and Bento #42, please click "here" to hop over to my other blog at

    And if there is any absence in bento posting, click here to browse through other bento posts in my other blog, okay?

    Have a great week ahead, all !


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    ...popped goes the bubble....

    Further to my post below on this cute looking car.... popped goes the bubble.... Ha ha.


    I was eager to show my little girl the pictures of this Disney Aladdin car that i took at Ikea earlier this morning. To look at more pictures of the car, scroll down below this post or click "here".

    So, I called out to Kimberly the moment she got home, "Come here, hon, Momma got something to show you"

    "What?" she asked suspiciously, " I dont want any lunch. I ate my lunch already"

    My little madam has this morbid fear that I am forever trying to shovel food down her throat the moment she step into the house. This is because I am so paranoid that my kid may have starved throughout the whole day at school from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm. Ha ha.

    "No ! No food", I promised, "I just want to show you this neat looking car"

    She came forth and peered into the screen.

    "Oh, this car !" she said dismissively.

    " I have seen it before".

    Suprised, I asked her, "Where?"

    I mean, she cant have seen it if I havent seen it. After all, she only goes out with me.

    "I saw it in school" She said.

    "Really?".... still wondering, I asked,...."When?"

    "I see it EVERYDAY, Momma !! It's at the busbay waiting for some kid"

    Sigh..and I thought I have something neat to show her.

    Well, never mind. There is still my husband. I still can get a kick out of showing him that.

    So when DH steps into the house, I called out to him too.

    "Hon, come over here, let me show you this car !" DH climbed up the stairs.

    Taking one look at it, he said, "I have seen this car around. It's been around for a long time!"

    Oh, okay. Now I am deflated.

    But, humour me, it still is a neat looking car, is it not?


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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Is that cool or is that cool?

    Every morning after sending Ashley to school, I rush to complete my datelines of causepapers and stuffs. Today, Ashley woke up late and since she went to school late, I didnt bother doing any work before I pick her up. I thought I hang around Ikea and have my lunch till its time to pick her up again.

    When I came out to the carpark, what do I see besides my car?

    Now, is that cool or is that cool?

    Cool for a little girl, that is, and I am not that little. Ha ha..



    close up of the right hand side..


    close up of the left...




    I figured the owner must be either a fan of Disney Princess, Jasmine ......


    or...he/she must be in this business and doing this to promote awareness.

    But anyhow...Kimberly is going to love looking at this pic when she comes home from school later.


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    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    Bento, a new fad ?

    Who would have thought that Bento would be such a fad?

    I read that even American kids are starting to bring bento boxes with well proportioned balance meals (one part protein, 2 part fruit/vege and 3 part carbo) to school instead of their regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Dont know how much of this is true though, cos most of us do not bother to check whether contents of most articles we read are substantiated or not unless it is a matter of importance to us.

    A bento is essentially home packed food, preferably home cooked. Some articles says that a bento should be 4 part carbo, 3 part fruit/vege, 2 part protein (chicken/fish) and one part calcium/snacks. But some says its 3-2-1 proportion.

    I have seen many elaborated arranged bento meals at some Japanese food blogger's site, and I have often wondered where they find the time to do that. It took me all I can to just cut them with cookie cutter.

    Although I see a trend in bento blogging and bento awareness, I rather think that bento is an evolution from home packed lunchboxes. I also think that bento meals is also the evolution of us going enviromental friendly and going green, (you know, cloth diapering instead of disposables, reusable bags instead of plastic)
    and i think for non lunch box packers, it definitely is a fad, but I would love to know what others think.

    After all, ever since time immemorable, Asian schoolkids in Malaysia (by that, I mean, the small minority of lunch packers, not those who buy food at the school canteen) has been known to pack rice,meat and vege to school except that most of our then lunchboxes wasn't compartmentalised like today's bento boxes. Nor was it cutely decorated with ornaments like foodpicks, foodcups, soy sauce containers, baran dividers. Nor were our rice moulded in cute Hello Kitty shapes or sprinkled with furikake on Pooh Bear stencils.

    Perhaps a percentage of non-lunch packer may be tempted into preparing bento meals for their kids with the aid of those cool accessories, but steadfast non lunch packer would still have their own reasons for not packing food from home.

    In the course of bento packing, I had learn some tips to building up a food stash for quick bento packing, some ideas for toddlers bento, or how to go about cooking certain Japanese bento food.

    I note that most bento meals for kids are mostly finger food or food easy to eat, ie with just a foodpick. If its rice, its usually moulded into bite size or finger food pieces. Also, the prepared meals are usually pleasing to the eye, which is really important for a picky toddler like mine. Besides that, the traditional bento meals relates more to Chinese food, which I thought is nearer to our culture in term of familiarity than the western lunchbox.

    I figure that if the kid must eat, then better eat Asian food and start them young. My Kimberly grew up on western food and would have nothing but pizza, spaghetti, pot roast, casseroles etc. She wont eat rice and Asian dishes till a very much later age about 6. The only Asian dish she like are soy braised chicken and fritters. So that's all my MIL fed her in her growing years till she came back to stay with me. Incidentally, I brought Kimberly back when she was 6 years old and quit my job to practice on my own so that I could have time with my kids.

    Anyhow, I used to have a hard time preparing food for her. She doesnt usually eat what me and DH eats and I usually end up cooking small portion of stuff like salmon pasta or poached cod fish with garlic bread for her and freezing individual portions of pizza and meatloafs for her meals.

    Now with bento, she is eating rice (moulded in shapes of car, bear etc) without prompting, and she is eating most of what I have prepared for her, kudos to those useful bento tools that makes it possible for Hello Kitty shaped carrots and potatoes, musical notes toothpicks that hold tuna sandwiches together, and so on. She is even asking to bring bento to school for breaktime.

    New trend or not, fad or not, bento did get my kid bringing food to school, and it did get both kids to eat during the hours when i am not around to monitor them. And I am definitely not complaining !


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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Bento #37 and Bento 38

    Bento #37

    Thursday's bento are pasta with sauted chicken pieces with cheese sauce. This cheesy pasta is always well received in our home.

    At the side are some wintermelon strips (Ashley's favourite) and steamed carrots fingers (Kimberly's favourite). Cut into strips cos no time to cut with cookie cutters. I could hear Ashley fretting in her sleep calling out for me as I was packing the bento that time, so the bentos had needed to be fast. I normally cut them into some appealing shapes if I had some extra time.

    Those who like the recipe for the pasta in Bento #37 can get it from my recipe blog at Christene's Kitchen. I added some sauted chicken bits to the recipe.

    Ashley has the same food as Kimberly. She loves cheesy pasta.

    My aunt's MIL, Mrs Hermary who resides in British Columbia gave the pasta recipe to me when I used to live with my aunt for awhile before I got married. She has tons of great recipes, but I had misplaced my dog eared handwritten cookbook. Would have love to bake her hash browns casseroles and shortbreads.

    I had cooked a lot more pasta than needed and then freeze individual portions of those pasta in large muffin trays, sauced. Then bundle them up in a large zipper bag.

    I got the tip on how to build freezer stash from this great site,Lunch in a Box, which I check out frequently. Check this link on how to stash frozen food for fast bento packing.

    Those 2 portions in the kids' bentos above were the last 2 portion from last week's frozen batch. I took them out in the morning and steamed them in the steamer while I got the kids ready for school. When done, I popped them into the bento boxes prepared earlier and off we go.

    Bento #38

    Kimberly's Friday's bento is skewered teriyaki chicken. Ashley didnt go to school on Friday.

    Although I try not to present the same food to the kids for both bento and dinners but I make an exception this time because I knew that Kimberly is going to have fried rice in school and it may be nice for her to have it to go with the fried rice.


    Along with the skewered chicken, some peeled grapes to wash it down with. That's the last of the purple ones.


    Actually, that's the last of almost everything in my fridge. Time to go grocery shopping again !

    For Bento #39 and Bento #40, click "here", okay?

    Have a great week ahead, all !


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    Bento #36

    Ashley's and Kimberly's Tuesday Bento are ham and cheese roll up and grapes.


    The tiny purple bunches are the champagne grapes and the peeled and skewered ones are the regular sized grapes. Kimberly's pink container has peeled green grapes and Ashley's yellow container has the peeled purple grapes. Toddlers as young as Ashley normally dont favour those green grapes.


    I thought mere fruits aren't filling enough so I added a pack of commerially packed mini biscuits. Arnott's choc chip teddy biscuits.


    The bento both came back empty and both kids didnt touch the Arnott's biscuits. My kids has a tendency to turn up their nose at most commercially packed biscuits. They prefer home bake cookies and only selected biscuits like Ikea's cappucino thins and Famous Amos cookies.

    Anyhow, will post Bento #37 and #38 soon. Just going to publish this first in case I hadnt time enough to post the rest before Ashley wails for me in her sleep.

    Have a great week ahead, all !


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    Wednesday, July 09, 2008

    Bento #31, #32 and #33

    Yay !!!! Mother in law is here. She arrived on Sunday !

    That means I can take a breather and that I could work late in the evening instead of rushing home. MIL usually helps with the batch cooking on weekends. I spend the whole of yesterday's morning juicing fruits for the kids weekly consumption. Freeze them by the trays. I figured I have cooked enough frozen dinners last week to last the next week so I took it easy yesterday.

    So, when MIL arrived and took a look at my scarce looking freezer, she set about cooking up a storm ! I just love my MIL. When she comes over, we get fresh food and dinners set on the table every evening too !! I feel so pampered whenever she is here!

    Having Sunday free, we took the kids to Midvalley instead. They had their usual go at the playground. Kimberly took along her stash of Love and Berry dress up cards but the Love and Berry dress up games machines were not operating. Seems that it hasnt operated for a long time. Isnt this just typical? So she has a go at other games instead.

    This is taken at the playground. Couldnt take a good pic cos they both wandered around.


    Anyhow, I had also ample time in the morning to make some sushi for DH's Bento on Monday since MIL helped in getting the kids ready for school. I had some daikon, salmon and cucumber in the fridge, so made him so sushi.

    My second attempt at sushi(s).

    Bento #31


    Its cucumber and daikon on the left and salmon on the right and another row of salmon on the bottom layer.


    Noticed how the furikake didnt stick on to the sushi like how they are at those Japanese eateries? Did I do something wrong? How do I make them stick better?

    Hubby says he would love some more meat in the bento instead of just salmon. Hmmm...unagi? What can I add in them? LZmommy ? , mamabliss ?, Rachel's mom? . I would love any ideas if you could send me the link to your recipes!

    This is Kimberly's Monday's Bento

    Bento #32


    It's a Hello Kitty moulded egg. The egg is far too large for the mould and I could only snap one lid out of the 4 lids. So the mould didnt turn out right. But my little madam says, "It's allright, Momma, I dont mind"

    So in it goes, into the bento !


    The little pink jellybean box contain some nuts and raisin mix. Added some grapes unpeeled for her cos I thought the colour combination would be more pleasing to the eyes but she complained that she had needed to spend a long time peeling them. I thought the idea was to eat the skin as well. Ha ha.

    The Hello Kitty white container has some ketchup in it. It's for the egg. And the carrot container has soy sauce.

    Ashley didnt go to school on Monday, hence no bento for her. I thought it would be nice for her to stay at home for once since MIL is here.

    This is my Bento !

    Bento #33

    MIL cooked us some fried noodles for breakfast on Monday. so I took some for lunch.


    I added some sliced carrot and cucumber at the side, a boiled egg and sliced up weiner. Forgot to add some soy sauce for myself. Lucky there's some leftover sachets of chili sauce in the fridge at the office. Else, the egg would have a hard time going down my throat. Ha ha.

    For Tuesday's and Wednesday's bento, just hop over to my other blog at allthingspurple dot my , okay?

    Have a great week ahead, all !


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    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    Bento # 28

    Kimberly has a field trip on Thursday.

    I didn’t want her bento box to weight down her sling bag cos she would probably be carrying her bag around the factory. Her water tumbler alone would be contributing to the weight on her tiny shoulder, so I figure she could do without a bento box today.

    Hence, the zipper bags!! So, not exactly a bento, ha! ha !


    For her field trip, I fried some chicken nuggets for her. Fish nuggets tend to be less firm and may crumple in transport, so I thought chicken nuggets would survive better in a zipper bags. I separate them into 2 zipper bags even though I have another box of zipper bags large enough to hold 4 nuggets. This is for hygiene reason just in case she decide that she hasn’t enough appetite to finish all 4.


    In the zipper bag to the left of the nuggets, are some yellow zucchini slices and cucumber slices. Kimberly complained that she prefers the “inner” but I didn’t quite relish the idea of her stowing all those cucumber seeds in her tummy. On the right of the nuggets are some sandwiches roll-up. One turkey slice with butter roll up and one cheese roll up. Cut them both into half.


    This neat looking roll-up (look, no cracked corners !) is made with a tip that Rachel's mom gave me in my earlier post.

    She said using a sushi mat will make it neater, and voila !!! Did it ever !! Neater, I mean. I don’t even need foodpicks for them ! Thanks, Rachel's mom !

    On the bottom row of the savouries are the sweets. A zipper bag of pretzels and a zipper bag of coco crunch cereal.


    I threw in a pack of chocolate coated biscuits bits for her. As well as a mini pack or raisin and smarties. The commercially packed stuff all came back untouched, together with the coco crunch cereal. She finished all the savouries, including the zucchini, despite complaining about wanting the “inners” and not the “outers”.

    Toddler’s Bento #28


    Ashley’s bento is somewhat similar, except she wont be able to finish that much food.

    So Ashley’s bento is 3 chicken nuggets and one cheese roll up, cut into tiny pinwheel slices of 6. I secured them with foodpick so she could pick them up easily with her tiny fingers.


    For Bento #29 and #30, I posted them at my new blog and I would love for you to drop a visit to liven up things over there.

    Have a great weekend, all !


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    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Bento # 23, Bento #24 and Bento #25

    This is a backdate from the last few day's bento. This is Ashley and Kimberly's last Friday's bento.

    Bento # 23


    It's fish nuggets and slices of zucchini and tomatoes. Bread are plainly cut into a bunny shape. Kimberly is on half day today. The meal plan for Friday in school was fried rice. So I thought it be nice for her to have nuggets to go with them.

    Ashley have identical food. Because I threw in some bunny shaped plain bread for Ashley, so i did likewise for Kimberly for just in case.


    Bento #24

    This is Monday's bento


    Monday's bento is boiled brocolli, with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Inside the pink silicon foodcup are some peanut butter sandwhiches which i cut into Hello Kitty shapes. Besides it, some sliced yellow zucchini and lettuce. I saw some at Tesco the other day and thought yellow makes a refreshing change, although Kimberly doesnt mind the colour either way.


    I send Ashley to school with biscuits only cos she ate breakfast at home that morning, having woke up early. Her bento is her favourite biscuits, cappucino flavour, no less. Ha ha. I must say it is more pleasing to the palate than the orange flavour ones, the only other flavour they offers. Will try to put it up here as well. Its one of my favourite as well, from Ikea's Cafe.

    Bento #25

    Tuesday's bento is moulded eggs and salmon rolled up, and steamed carrot with a slice of zucchini (that's the last of the zucchini).

    Kimberly spread the bread and rolled it up with salmon herself. It's a bit cracked at the side, but a good effort, despite. I helped her secure it with foodpicks.


    Ashley has the same food, except Ashley's moulded egg is the fish mould and Kimberlys' the Pooh Bear's mould. Kimberly get to pick her choice first, as usual.

    On that note, I find that the Pooh Bear mould doesnt always come out looking like THE Pooh Bear. It looks like a bear, yea, but not Pooh Bear. I got the same result using bigger or smaller eggs. Wonder if any other bento-er got the same problem with the mould?

    Oh, hey guys, for Bento #26, hop over to my new blog at!

    Yup, got myself a new domain !!! Haven't figured out what is the focus for that one yet, so I would be posting from both sides till I decide.

    Happy Bento-ing, folks !!


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