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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I got fluffy mail !!! Love online shopping !!

Yay !!! I got fluffy mail today !!!

MailS, in fact !!!! Not one , but 3 in the same day !! Was the postman happy to pass me my 3 parcels. He is used to ringing my doorbell to pass me my fluffy mails. He knows by now its baby's stuff, cos he asked me about them once and I pointed to those diapers hanging out on the laundry lines. "Barang barang macam ni, lar, dik !"

Anyhow, this is the first fluffy mail I opened.

It's a wool skirtie. Love the colours.


The seller is a work at home mom from USA, Jacques of SweetSeats . Jacques had the skirtie washed and lanolized already so I was able to put them on Ashley right away. I put them on Ashley when we went out to the pediatrician just now. By the way, I modified this post to add the link because so many people emailed me asking me about it.

Kimberly have been having fever and running nose since Tuesday. The poor kid. I have been keeping her at home in case fever flared up during school hours. And my, does she have long school hours.

Anyhow, one of the moms at the pediatrician asked me about it, and so there I go again...cloth diapers, you know, pocket, fitted, modern day diapers... hence wool...blah blah blah...Even the husband looks impressed. I would have thought that by now cloth diapers is a very much well known item by now, but there are still many people who havent seen one.

Anyhow, what i love about this skirtie is that it came with shorts inside. So baby's bum is relatively clean if she sit on the floor before I could stop her.


Second fluffy mail !!

Pink Cheetah minky blankie !!


Minky pink dot Clutch bag !!!


The blankie and the clutch diaper bag came together from the same seller. This seller is also from USA. I bid them at ebay. The pink minky dot clutch bag is complimentary because I ordered a camo print and she send me a wrong one. So the seller courteously says I could have it and she will send me a replacement for the right one.


For those who are interested in this blankie, more of this is coming to Malaysia soon *wink* *wink* But I haven't checked if our cloth diaper seller friend in Malaysia who is bringing it in wanted it to be known yet. So I will just not let it out for now.

Hokay, editing the above paragraph .. Sandra of Miabambina has brought more assortment of funky animal print blankets in. Check them out !!!!

In case newbies are wondering, I bought all these stuff on-line . Isnt email marketing of those guys great? With more and more facilities like opt in email and email list software available, more and more online stores are being set up everyday. From only 2 cloth diapering online stores in Malaysia, now there are more than 10 ! And that's in a space of a year ! Isn't that great for us CD addicts? ha ha.

And each time I received a newsletter from those guys, my trigger happy fingers had to log on into their sites. Ha ha.

Anyhow, third fluffy mail of the day !!!

Mermaid diaper and floral print diaper!


These are from Shannon of Nanipoo Diapers , a work from home mom, also from the USA. I modified this post to add this link as well cos many people ask for the link as well. I just love getting stuff from work from home moms. They have such pretty prints.


I just love this Mermaid castle one. The seller put the castle right in front so that it looks nicer. And the inner velour is so soft and lush.

That is going to be the last for my fluffy mails for awile now, save for one large size custom made blankie in minky cow print from our abovementioned friendly neighbourhood CD store owner.

Happy CD shopping, folks !


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