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Friday, July 06, 2007

Fitted Diapers

I thought I try out fitted nappies for a change.

“Fitted” meaning there isn’t any cover over them nappies and you are likely to get wet beds when your kid is napping unless you put those diaper covers over them. Okay, guys and single ladies, again, this is a post not of any interest to you.

cotton bottom

There are an amazing new variety of covers available nowadays though, unlike those itchy scratchy plastic overtop that you find in Jusco, Pureen or Anakku. Those new ones are incredibly soft and cloth-like. Like our Tau Geh Soh's Freshbot. Come in such pretty colours too. Got myself a rose coloured one for just in case.

However, I am not inclined to use covers with fitted nappies cos I don’t find the necessity for them. Ashley would only be wearing fitted nappies when she is not napping, anyhow. If she does nap with them, there is always my Rose Freshbot handy.

Anyhow, I got myself a variety of those fitted nappies. I mean, for Ashley. I got them from Cotton Bottom. These below are Cute Tooshies’ bamboo delights and hemp classics and Motherease’s multi fit nappy and Tot Bots’ original tots. They are all single fits (fit newborn up to 15 kg) except for Tot Bot’s which is in size 2.

I love them all. They are all so different in their material and design.

bamboo velour


The CuteTooshies’ bamboo delights are made of bamboo velour. I thought it is the most luxurious nappy fabric ever !! You just want to put your cheeks next to them forever !

It comes together with two matching bamboo organic cotton booster topped with a layer of bamboo velour so that it’s the material that your baby’s skin is laying next to , and then you snap that booster into the nappy. It also has an amazing amount of stretch in the leg rise to cater for newborns up to toddlers. It has multiple side snaps adjustable to sumo-thighs babies or string beans babies.

hemp classic

The Cute Tooshies’ hemp are of course, made from hemp. It came together with 2 pieces of curved booster you lay on top of the nappy, no snapping in to place but so far so good, it didn’t run from one place to another. This one, too, has multiple side snaps and good amount of stretch for leg rise. I thought hemp would be really stiff, but it wasn’t too bad. I figure it must be because it is a combination of hemp and some other fabric. Hemp is thirsty and is good for heavy wetting babies.

The Motherease’s multi fit has 3 rows of front snaps like BumGenius. You just snap the setting you want. Ashley wears hers on medium setting. It has Velcro on the side and sewed-in booster like those All-in-ones Drybees.

tot bot

I love the Original Tots too. It is made from fluffy material, is thick and has Velcro on the side. You can actually see the fluff from the picture! Thick as it is, though, it is not bulky on the crotch cos it just kind of curve along with Ashley’s built.

This is how Motherease's Multi looks like from the back. This is Ashley merajuk because Chieh Chieh wouldn't let her touch her jigsaw puzzle.

merajuk cos chieh chieh wont share puzzle

Doesn't it look soft and comfortable?

ashley wearing motherease diaper

MIL like using them. Much as she likes BumGenius over Drybees, she thinks that fitted is more “breathable” without a PUL cover.

Love all them fitted nappies. Perhaps our Tau Geh Soh will consider bringing them in soon. LOL.


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