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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kampung Chicken Fillet Bento

Nope !! Didn't go jogging this morning. Don't have that kind of energy EVERYDAy !! haha! Just occasionally..

As usual, I put the rice in the rice cooker the moment I woke up. For just in case I like to do a rice bento for the day.

So, today is one of those days. Which is just as well, because I forgot to bake a loaf of bread last night. Was exhausted and totally forgot. I normally put the ingredients in and put the breadmachine on timer, so baking a loaf of bread everyday wasn't too much trouble.

This is Ashley's bento.

Bento #124

It's rice onigiri with fried free-range chicken fillet on the side.


Added some cherry tomatoes to fill the gaps because its the only vegetable I have left in the fridge. Haven't been doing grocery shopping lately. You can tell looking at husb's bento below. haha.

Anyhow, Ashley's rice onigiri has crab-stick filament on its bottom half. I love it's radiant red colour.


As mention, because of the sparse fridge, husb's bento is merely sushi.

Bento #125


It's the first time I am using a plastic mat instead of a bamboo mat. So the sushi don't look so good. Edible anyhow. *grin*

The top half tier is sushi with pickled radish and zucchini.


The bottom half tier is spam with , what else, pickled radish again.

Told u fridge is bare today!

Will need to go to the supermarket tonight, much as I hate to waste time there.

Husb complained not much protein in there but I had thought with the spam so high in sodium, I had better tone the spam down. Didn't fry hubby some of those chicken fritter because I didn't think to pack a bento meal for him till the last minute. So, didn't have much time left.


I knowwwww !!! I need a new changgih camera. Noted your many reminders,Hijackqueen ! *grin*

Short post today again, cos need to get lots stuff done this few week.

Have a great week ahead, all, and Happy Bentou-ing !!


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Homemade Fishball Floral Weiner Bento

It's Monday again. How time flies. But things has been heavenly around here.


We finally send our maid away.

The biadap maid has been with us for about 13 months or so. I don't think any of us could tolerate her one day longer, much less for the rest of her contractual 2 years.

Even before her 6 months term of pre-paid salary is up, we already knew that she is too dishonest and lazy. She does everything her way absolutely refusing to follow our instructions which means that nothing is done the hygenic way, the safe way or the clean way. Gates were left unlocked upteened times and she hurt the kids physically in her total neglect to be reasonably careful around the house. She also slept from 8am to 4pm the moment we step out of the house till we get home. But of course she lies to cover everything up when confronted or "jeling" and slam pots and pans in the kitchen when she is caught red handed.

So instead of waiting out the 6 months, we send her to my in laws for the rest of the 6 months, away from our kids.

She continues with her wilful ways at in laws, refusing to close her bathroom door when she takes her showers at father in law's house, and changing her clothes at my in law's backyard instead of in her own room. Seriously, she needs help. Those who have seen her would never dreamed this in her. She is a total Jekyl and Hyde personality. In my 10 years experience of engaging maids, she has to top the list for being the worst ever !

Anyhow, we are finally glad to send her away. And everyone including my mom and in laws are breathing easier. I sure hate to talk about maids. haha. And I sure could do so much better without them, as per the preceeding 2 years before this biadap one come along.

Anyhow, enough of the unpleasants.

Happy Monday, all! It's a glorious morning today!

I went jogging at 6am and came home feeling good, and just in time to get Kimberly ready for school. Didn't fix Kimberly a bento meal today though.

Fixed this for Ashley's bento instead today.

Bento #123


I barely have time to do much because hubby had already got up and would leave with Ashley any moment.

So I threw some fishball which I mince and shaped the night before, into the deep fryer and made a furikake rice ball with the rice I cooked for just in case before I left for jogging earlier in the morning. "Just-in-case", because I don't ever plan my bento. I usually fix them spur of the moment with whatever food is ready on hand.


Then I cut up a weiner and put it in the pot to boil, together with some oborotsuki (stuffed fishcake), and then got Ashley ready for school.

Those floral carrots were my frozen stash of pre-cut steamed carrot stored in the deep freezer. When fixing for one bento meal, I would usually cut up the rest of the floral carrots in batches and store them for convenience.

The white and pink kamaboko is from my frozen stash as well.

And that's Ashley's bento for the day.

Happy Bentou-ing guys, and have a great week ahead !!


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