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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where does my daddy lives?

Every morning, Ashley got a rude wakeup call from noises her daddy made from the bathroom because her daddy insists on showering in my bedroom’s bathroom instead of Kimberly’s bathroom. Despite countless forewarning, he still think the walls could disguish all kind of loud thuds and sounds from the radio. And more often than not, when she woke up, she would be rolling around the bed gurgling at me and lazing around. That is, until the sound of the bathroom door opening from the general direction of the bathroom makes her look up towards the bathroom.

As usual, it’s her daddy emerging from the bathroom door. Then of course, as usual, her daddy would exclaimed heartily, “Good morning, Perrrrrrrrrincess!!!” showers her with kisses and then scoops her up and bring her downstairs to Ar-mah before he leaves for work. Sometimes, however, I wonder if daddy’s little princess thinks her daddy lives in mummy’s bathroom.

Today after her afternoon nap, she tried on her new shoes and insists on toddling to the bathroom door (well …. holding on to my fingertips for dear life, of course.) Once she reaches the door, she pushes it open excitedly and yelled “Der..air…dee !!!!”. That confirms it! She does think her daddy lives in the bathroom, ha ha !

Just kidding. She had seen her daddy in bed before. She probably thought that is one of the most common places to find her daddy besides the couch in the living room and behind the front door every evening, when daddy comes home with that noisy rattling sound of the lock against the grill when he opens the door.


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