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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calling all diaper addicts !!

diaper on laundry

Ashley has since Chinese New Year been potty trained (at 27 months). We only use one diaper on her for bedtime now. Sigh..I had love cloth diapering so much.

Cloth diapering moms (aka addicts) will understand how it feels like. Instead of being happy about kids being potty trained, we let it go reluctantly. haha !

So, it is with heavy heart that I am letting some of her stash go. Anyone who is interested in gently used diapers please send in your email at the comments area and let me know what you prefer.

Am also letting go of some of her wetbags and mini wipe bags.

And trust me, they really are gently used, cos I rotate them with definitely more than 80 over other diapers. Some are unused. I stopped counting at 80. There !!! The cat is out of the bag !! Just dont faint, allright? 2 other moms operating online cloth diaper stores has more than I do. I suppose them being CD online store owners justify having that many though, while I dont. Got carried away..hee hee. Good thing CD has re-sale value.

As for loading them up here, I will do that when I have time later. I just have to settle some trials and hearings due this month first.

But in a nutshell, these are roughly what the gently used items are :

For diapers :-

Drybees pocket, swaddlebees fitted, swaddlebees PUL, swaddlebees cotton velour fitted, swaddlebees organic velour, swaddlebees hook and loop OV pocket, Berryplush AIO by jamtots, Ella's house AIO, snugglehugs fitted, kissaluvs fitted, p'tits dessous bamboo fitted (love them bamboo, got heaps of those p'tit dessous) , Tot Bot's organic, Tot Bot's original cotton, tot Bot's bamboo, just ducky fitted, nanipoo fitted, loveybum sherpa fitted, loveybum organic fitted , itti bitti dlish, itti bitti boo, blueberry, motherease fitted, wild child, happy heinys PUL pocket , Happy Heinys fitted sherpa, Fuzibuns pocket, mummy touch, Bellas Bottom, cloth diaper exchange, cloth thoughts, imse vimse, bumgenius, Baby Beehinds, Mums Bums, cute tooshies hemp and cute tooshies bamboo, Green Acre Design, KND (perhaps one or two that brands i may have forgotten, need to go through my drawers),

For diaper covers :-

Swaddlebees wool merino, imse vimse, blueberry minky, Llamajama longies in 2T and 3T, Kozydesign longies and shorties, Sweet Seats skirties, Babysoftlandings custom knitted skirtie. I am saving 3 others longies, skirties and shorties for just in case.

Some of the pictures are in this link in my older posts.

So, new moms with growing babies okay? I only have "L" size, "XL" size and one-size left though. Have sold all my mediums and smalls.

Also, not selling any boy colours cos I promised them to my sister in law in Perth who is due to deliver soon. She is having a baby boy. Although, I don't have many boy/unisex colours.

As a precaution against spammer, I wont be publishing your posts containing your email address.

When those email stopped coming, I will be putting them up at the various CD forums and up on other online stores where they are bought from as gently used items.



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Some of the cloth diapers ...

These are some pictures lying around in my laptop the past 6 months which I have not gotten around posting at diapering forums for sale. Will put up the rest gradually as I take pictures of them.

My apology, Bonnie, Pu, Mei, Madzuen and Adiniah, for taking so many months/weeks over this.

Drop your queries at the comment box for the price or if you need to clarify anything. I will be absorbing the shipping charges from Aust or USA. But as in usual practice, you will need to absorb the delivery charges from me to you, okay? And as per usual practice for gently used products, goods are as per as is basis and is non refundable.

I have slot in the deducted price in some items. When I have some time, I will check out the rest and edit it here.

1 . Motherease multi-fit one-size applix fastening, fitted (sold)

Got it from at AUD$21.95 (RM59.72). Selling at RM45. Fits from newborn to 3 years old. Hardly used.


2. Drybees L size, PUL (sold)

Got it from Probably worn twice only. Selling at RM49.


3. Bamboo fitted by P'tits Dessous (sold)

Got it from at USD20.80 (RM71.71). Selling at RM50. Worn less than 10 times.

Size 2 can be used as a "one size diaper" fits approximately 11 to 35 pounds.
Size 3 fits approximately 26 -44 pounds.

This is size 3. The blue one below is size 2.


4. yellow minky wrap cover by Blueberry. L size (sold)

Got it from at RM82. Selling at RM69. Washed and never worn.


5. Imse vimse one size fitted (sold)

Got it from Selling at 30% at RM44. Hardly used.


6. Bamboo fitted by Petite D'sous size "M". (sold)

Got it from at USD20.80 (RM71.71). Selling at RM50.

This is Size 2. Can be used as a "one size diaper" fits approximately 11 to 35 pounds.


7. Wool cover/longies by Llamajama size 2T to 3T

Got it at US36.00 (RM124.30). Selling at about 35% deduction at RM80.


close up


Also have them in dark pink no flower in size 3T at same price. Will put them up when time permit.

8. small regular inserts (sold)

Got them from Selling at about 30% at RM6.50. Hardly used. More suitable for newborns.


Also got some rainbow Tot Bots coloured inserts, GAD inserts, Blueberry new and used inserts etc. But will post later.

9. Swaddlebees applix merino wool wrap/cover in L size - sold

Got them from with a bunch of other cloth addicts (you guys reading this know who you are *wink*) at USD27.95 (RM96.39). Selling at 20% at RM77. Worn less than 4 times.


10. Just Ducky L size. Letting go at 50% cos this is a favourite. Worn a fair bit unlike the others which are fairly new. (sold)

Got it from just ducky's site but will go along Brenda's ( at RM88. To round up the 50%, will let go at RM40.


11. Happy Heiny velcro wetbag

Got this from at RM59. Selling at 30% off at RM41.30. Round off to RM40.


12. Imse vimse cover sold.

Got this from Selling at 20% off. Hardly worn. Probably less than 5 times. Sold.


13. Flower with purple velour L size. Nanipoo diapers (sold)

Got it at USD14.00 (RM48) Selling at 20% deduction at RM38. Worn less than 5 times.


14. Mermaid fitted L size Nanipoo diapers
Got it at USD17.00 (RM58.62) Unwashed and unworn. Selling at RM55. Sold .


15. Jamtots minky jaguar all in one (sold)

Got it at USD21.85 (RM75.27). Selling at RM60. Hardly worn.


16. Just Ducky L size, fitted diaper. (sold)

Got it from It's a limited edition of Just Ducky at limited edition price of RM90. Selling at 30% at RM63. Round up to RM60.


17. one size Mummy Touch fuchsia, PUL. (sold) Fits from newborn to 3 years old. Selling at RM40.

Also have this in light pink. (sold)


18. one size Mummy Touch Jaguar print, PUL.. Fits from newborn to 3 years old. Selling at RM48 sold .


19. Fuzibuns L size, PUL

Got it from cottontail at USD19.95(RM68.77). Selling at RM48.


20. Blueberry minky Tanzanite, one size.

Got it from Grace at RM103. Selling at RM68. Hardly worn. Also available in other colours. Can't remember. Will check and upload.



21. Blueberry minky Emerald, Training Pants. Got it at RM80. Selling at RM50.(sold) Also available in Tanzanite. (sold)


Those drybees below are probably worn once or twice, in that one week sometime in March when MIL is here, cos she didn't know that Ashley was potty trained. She couldn't find any drybees and she didn't know that I have already sold all of them by then since Ashley was only using one diapers per day by then. So she dug out a few new ones from the boxes to wash and use cos she prefers velcro and PUL .

After a few dry diapers, she asked about it and only then, use it for naps and bedtime for that week before I put it away again. I prefer fitted and snaps.

So these am letting go at 15% at RM49.

22. Drybees PUL size L (sold)


23. Drybess PUL size L (sold)


24. Drybees PUL size L (sold)


Also letting some new wipes go. Just let me know, okay? Will put up the rest of the diapers as and when time permit.

Have a great Raya holiday, everyone !!

*editing this to add this*

For wetbags, wipes and future diapers posts, please go to the Market Hall at my other blog at


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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mushroom Fritters Bento


I just know that Kimberly is not going to eat that fried noodles and bubur cha cha provided by school for breaktime meal. She doesn't like "brown noodles". My kids like them "white". Even fried meehoon has to be white around here.

So today she has Hello Kitty kamaboko, Pooh Bear imprinted carrots and mushroom fritters for her bento.

Kimberly has always love mushroom fritters, ever since she was a toddler. As for Ashley, I think Ashley is just somewhat influenced by her chieh chieh who always exclaimed loudly, "Mushroom FRitters !! Mah Favourite !!!"

I didn't get a chance to take a picture because yours truly woke up late. I had time to fry mushroom fritters but no time to take pictures..sigh.

But we do have Ashley's bento. Cos I send Ashley to school. That's why I could take my time with the pictures.

Unfortunately, the little one took one look at the Hello Kitty Kamaboko and says, "Yeeeyack !!! Ah doh want dis wan !!" and picked them gingerly out of her bento box slice by slice. I think she didn't like the dark lined eyes and mouths on her food, even if its on a cute Hello Kitty kamaboko face.

Then she proceed to eat all the Pooh Bear imprinted carrots.

I offered her the mushroom fritters, thinking, since she was ploughing through them halfway, might as well finish the whole lot.

But she raised both her hands above her armpit and says, "Pau Pau" , wanting to get down from her high chair. "Ah am full, Momma !" Sigh...that little bit of carrots and she claimed to be full.

Not wanting the fritters to go to waste, I improvise it a bit and send the bento box off to school with her anyhow.

Bento #80


So Ashley's bento for Friday is mushroom fritters sitting on chinese lettuce. MIL usually buy these cos the kids like their fried rice wrapped in lettuce like popiah skins.

I just take advantage of the leaves cos I didn't buy any lettuces.

The colours are actually really really light green, almost chartreusse. But my camera somehow makes it looks dark and wilted.

Anyhow, to replace the carrots, I slid some raw zucchini slices between the fritters.


Add some cherry tomatoes to fill the gaps. Ashley likes these a lot lately. She calls them "moon skirter" (moon squirter) as in Lola and Charlie's VCDs.

She would bite them and ask me, "Did it skirt (squirt) yet, momma?" The silly kid.

Hokay, now to publish this and pack for tommorrow.

We are leaving for FIL's place early in the morning , as in 5 a.m. haha, so as to beat the traffic. It's a long Hari Raya break next week and there is bound to be heavy traffic on the high way. Just coming home tonight from the office took me ages !!! I had to detour here and there a lot just to skip the heaviest traffic.

So, Selamat Hari Raya everyone !!! And drive safe on the road, okay? Better be late and safe than anything else !!

Have a gurrreat week ahead !


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Speed bento v Kyaraben and Oekakiben

Thursday's Bento

Boy, am I glad I close my case today. The judge would not be happy if I didn't, since it was a year 2002 case. Good thing all the witnesses turned up today!

And with that over (for the moment anyhow), I have a few days free over the next few days to go through Kimberly's revision with her. I have been working late the last 2 weeks and the poor dear's work has suffered cos by the time I got home, she was already in bed.

I think we parents' lives all revolved around our kids. Around their exams, around their school hours, their classes, their birthday parties invitations etc. If it's not that, its their homework, their weekly spelling, their school projects, their daily diet, honouring promises to do their stuff that had to be done that day itself because "now" is the only vocabulary that exist in their world.

What I give to have some time for myself !

I would love to be a stay at home mom and not have to worry about datelines, causepapers submission, preparations for hearings, trials, but spend my time preparing beautiful kyaraben bento-s or oakakeben bento-s with inari babies on cots, floral ham, cycle weiners, chequered apple skins, hello kitty kyaraben bento, and all the wonderful ideas learned from those fabulous Japanese moms' bento sites.


Did a ham flower fold like this with carrot flowers all around carrot mixed onigiri for Kimberly yesterday but didn't have time to snap picture cos her transporter was already here. What did that tell you? These things are time consuming.

( Edited this to add the 2nd pic in cos a fellow member of the bar, Rachel, text me to say she don't understand how the first picture (the sideway one)can end up like a flower).

But truly, it's not practical with having to rush the kids to school and rushing to work in the morning. But boy, do those Japanese moms' churn out such fantastic ideas.

No energy to churn out kyaraben or oekakiben bento for the kids. Perhaps once in a month if I don't have to spend my weekend cooking up dishes for frozen food dinner stash to last the weekdays, haha. but phew, sounds exhausting. I mean, just take a lot at this !!!





These are not mine, ar? In case you are just about to fall off your chair *grin*

But wow, all the careful cutting of itsy bitsy details, cooking of different food for each tiny detail, strategically placed nori eyes and mouth, slow and careful folding of cut lenghtwise ham and egg so it won't break.

But I still love to drool at those kyaraben(character bento) and oekakiben (bento with cute figures and themes) bentos anyhow, even if I don' have time to churn it out myself. ha ha.

In all earnesty, I can only afford roughly 15 minutes for the kids and my own bento, coupled with getting both kids to brushed their teeth, tie their hairs, dressed and ready for school, and getting myself ready for work within that 6am to 7.15 am time frame.

I love to give credit to the Japanese moms who create these wonderful bento above but I usually just cut and paste the pictures for reference without storing the links. If I stumble on her again, will share her fabulous link here. There are lots of other cool links, will put them up at the sidebar when I have time.

Yukinko mama and other Japanese moms whose pictures these belong to, please leave your links here if you chance to see your pictures here okay? so that others can share your wonderful blog.

There's lots of others, particularly this cool Japanese mom's blog , Ikuyama whom I tried to show her wonderful pictures to Angeleyes, but I can't save her pictures somehow. Ikuyama (hope I got her name right, cant remember) has those beautiful Cinderella ones that I love to fix for Kimberly one day when I have time.

By the way, Angeleyes is a work-at-home mom who has has a creative touch for her cupcakes. She fixes pretty amazing bento for Darrius. Just in case there are cupcake lovers out there.

Speaking of time, I promise I will put up the cloth diapers and the nursing wear here soon. Am so embarassed, Bonnie and the rest of the cloth diaper addicts who asked about it, for the long delay. Been having lots of trials and hearing lately. Will find some time to fix up a markethall and put them up in my other blog.

okay, enuf feasting on your eyes. Back to earth now !

This is MY bento. this humble practical one ! hee hee... did I hear a loud thud. yea, what a let down. Hee Hee..

A speed bento because I need to speed off to an outstation court today.

Since Bento #66 went down so well with the kids, I thought I do a furikake riceball bento again. For some reason, inari and sushi doesn't go down well with my kids. Furikake riceball is the nearest to Japanese finger food carbo that they would take.

Bento #79


Fried some nuggets in the deep fryer while I get Kimberly ready for school. Not home made nuggets, although I prefer them to eat home made kampung chicken nugget. Steamed some carrots for veges. Didn't have time to cut into appealing shapes for them cos I have to leave extra early today. So it's just strips.


Hope its substantial for Ashley cos I need to pick her up late from school today. Kimberly, the street wise one and being older, can always buy food from the canteen.


Got a chance to use these bento boxes I got from Toys R Us. They are a good deal at RM13.90, and came with bento straps and fork and spoon. Wait a minute, or was it RM19.90. Anyhow.

By the way, speaking of speed bento, working moms may want to check out Lunch in a box . She has such wonderful ideas for speed bento-s.

Happy Bento-ing, folks !

p.s. This is a late post, left in my laptop yesterday unpublished.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuna Sandwich Bento

So, it's tuna sandwich bento meal again today. Kimberly had asked for more this time because there isn't enough "to share" yesterday. Haha.

She asked for 2 Pooh Bear and 2 Hello Kitty sandwiches but I could only fit one Pooh and 2 Hello Kitty shapes in there.

Bento #77


I didn't want to fill up her tummy during breaktime with the bento meal because the Primary school kids will be having rice with tofu and chicken ball today for lunch. I think those are food that she will eat.

So, only a few grapes and cherry tomatoes accompanied the tuna sandwiches.


I have ran out of most fruits and vegetables anyhow, save for some fresh red dates. But the skins of those little red dates fruits are too tough on little ones and I am hesitant about putting them out for Kimberly.

Ashley would have bit them into half, then nibble around the flesh and discard the skin, cos that's the way she is with unpeeled apples and pears. But Kimberly would have chomped them down since she is more minded to eat fruits with its skins now, but with fresh date fruits, she would then spit it back on the table and goes, "phoeey ! Momma , the skin is too thick !" But the red dates probably have to make an appearance in tommorrow's bento since I am all out of fruits but won't be buying grocery tonight.

Ashley gets to stay back from school today cos her gran is here to mind over her. She woke up late today.

Bento #78

This is hubby's bento of today.

Hubby's tuna sandwiches are more substantial.


The tuna sandwich is layered with cheese, zucchini and carrots.


I got a chance to use my sandwich box from the 100yen store. I got it at a good deal for RM4.90.

I love using this cos I don't have to squash the sandwich inside. I only need to place it in the middle and then click all the collapsible wall together to connect. The sandwich stays fat. haha.

I see some Japanese sites using pretty rose motives wax papers for the sandwiches, but not having wax papers, not even the plain white ones, I made do with clingwrap instead.


Also, there is a lower seperate compartment that you can put wetter food. I gave hubby half a pear to go with the sandwich, and some carrots, to tempt him into munching them. He is not one for vegetables.


Isn't this sandwich box neat?

Hokay, now that my 20 minutes self-allocated break time is up, I had better get back to preparing my cross examinations.

Have a great day today, all!


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Kid's Bento and Husband's Siew Ngor Bento

It's weiners for Kimberly again. She just had it on Friday. Guess I got to lay off weiners for the next few days.

Kimberly had asked for tuna sandwiches, but there were only 2 slices of bread left. So she gets only one sandwich.

Bento #75


She had asked for kiwi, but I didn't want that one lone sandwich to get wet, so I got her weiners again.


Slipped some grapes in a Cinnamoroll mini ziplock bag and hide it behind the Hello Kitty sandwich.


She complained that it wasn't enough to share with her classmate Vicky and asked me for more sandwiches tomorrow. So I guess tommorrow its going to be tuna sandwiches again.

Didn't have time to pretty it up for Kimberly since hubby asked for a lunch bento today. He is rushing some work and does not want to step out for lunch.

This is husband's bento for today.

It's siew ngor (vegetarian 5 spice beancurd sheet) bento today.

Bento #76


On the lower container is 3 sheets of siew ngor, with a soy sauce container wedged in sideway for a boiled egg that I place on top of the rice with furikake much later cos I was waiting for it to be cooled before peeling it.

MIL helped fry those siew ngor. Glad she had soaked them with up with paper towels, knowing that I usually does that for her son. haha. MIL loves to drown everything in oil, be it sweet and sour fillet, stir fry vege or tau yew bak.

My mom, on the other hand, is one who abhor unhealthy fats and I had picked that up somewhat from her. Even till today, my mom still chides me for putting on weight. sigh..Mothers being mothers, she never fails to remind me to be careful with my diet each time she sees me. I told her its not my diet but my lack of sleep but she won't have that as an excuse.haha.

Anyhow, back to bento, I stir fried some snap peas, carrot and firm tofu with oyster sauce. MIL tend to fry them way too soft and ummmm...messy looking? although she's great with tau yew bak (soy braised pork) and dishes like red wine chicken. I think elderly her generations just like their vegetables cooked through and through.

So I usually stir fry myself cos I like my veges to be firm. That's the tofu and stir fry vege in the upper container of hubby's bento.

I got hubby a new bento box. It came with a thermal bag. Hubby likes his food warm and he sometimes forgot to bring his bento box home.


This here below is my bento.


It's similar, save for the ommission of tofu.


I added an apple for my breakfast.


Snitched Kimberly's bento box cos mine are all from 100 yen stores and none are them are large enough. Most of mine are only about 530 ml capacity or so.

This one is easily more than 720 ml capacity cos its quite high and long.

Now that's today's bento.

And now to see if I can catch up on my tag homeworks.

Good night, all!


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