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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A picture tag, no less !

A picture tag? Easy Peasy! I got this tag from Angeleyes and VivianZ. Thanks,guys !

A tag about whats in my bag. BagS, you mean?

Like most moms, I have only the basic necessities in my handbag. A wallet, a shopping card purse, my hand phone, my camera (but of which I don't get the chance to use much cos always seems to have my hands full with the toddler) and of course, my lipstick in its holder.

But if you glance into the content of my handbag at any given time, you probably would also see 2 toys or more, a mini board book, maybe a box of baby cereal for Ashley (for convenience sake like when we are not having meals and couldn’t wait for her to chew on her food).

I would probably also have some snacks like a mini box of raisins and/or a small pack of Ritz crackers and/or a tub of peeled and halved grapes, organic cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes. I am so paranoid about my kids starving.



My baby bag is another essential. It’s a freebie baby bag from Modern Mum (for buying so many maternity clothes from them when I was pregger)

It’s a pretty small backpack , 10 inches in width and 12 inches in length and tapered, which makes it even less space friendly, but its enough for Ashley’s little things. I never leave home without it. It carries the following, a list of which I printed out in Malay for every new maid in my household.

1. 2 cans/trays or more baby food (sometimes I am out whole day without stopping for a proper meal) and her food takes up the most portion of the baby bag, 1 pink tub for feeding, with cover, 1 spoon with cover, 2 bibs, 2 small hankies to wet and wipe her down with.

2. 2 diapers, 1 mini pack wet wipes, 2 -3 mini packs tissues, drapolene, a long sleeve ankle length one-sie for a change of clothes for Ashley,

3. one folding changing mat (which came along with the baby bag) and one lampin to spread on top of the mat in cold baby rooms

4. Ashley’s little sweater, socks and shoes


This is because we always need to go out impromptu or in a hurry. The toddler would be literally be plucked off the bed and carried into the car in her sleepingsuit. More often than not, Ashley would be changed into her clothes in the car to save time. That’s why we need everything handy in the baby bag.

My MIL find it so useful because she just cant stand the maid taking her own sweet time packing the baby bag taking up 45 minutes (I couldn’t either). On top of it, having always left 4 or more essential items out like Ashley’s shoes or diapers or wet wipes.

I made the maid pack the baby bag every morning using the checklist I paste on her wall, cos we practically need to leave the house every day. Sending Kimberly to and fro her classes, buying grocery and shopping and you wouldn’t want to be caught with the baby in poo while out in the street with no diapers or no change of clothes.

Like VivianZ, we don’t carry thermos, milk powder, baby bottle and cool water because Ashley is still a breastfed baby. That’s a huge chunk of space and a heap of weight off our shoulders.

Huh??? We can only tag one? But since Angeleyes posts has 8 tags, so I am going to be greedy and tag 8 !

Okay, this tag goes to

1. the suzette
2. Sandra of Mia Bambina
3. mumsgather
4. Nicole
5. Shooi
6. Godslittleangel
7. motts
8. shoppingmom

Enjoy, dearies !!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

MY LIST !!!!

When I first read 5xmom's posts on who wants to join “My List”, my first reaction was “I want !! I want !!!” So embarrassing, this amateur blogger me.

Okay, this is about how to increase your links and blog rank. The closing date is May 31st and open to al Malaysian or non Malaysian on Malaysia related posts. The only provision is that you have to feature a brand new post before 15th of June with the final updated and complete list of participating Malaysian blogs and all My List Post to be permanent and accessible. On the procedures, click here for My List’s link.

This is the current list of MY LIST’s participants.

My List Participants

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The fluff must go somewhere

Okay, now to hop along to my other blog, Christene’s Kitchen and put this post up there and then to scoot over to Daryl's site to submit my forms so that he put my humble blogs up.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Attractions of fastfood, and its not the menu !

With most of us now into healthy lifestyle, fast-food stores probably need to compete with each other to get a steady flow customers.

I have not been minded to buy fast food for my kids for quite some time now. I get a good feeling out of saving on things which are not on top of my priority lists. But the advertisements on the billboards menu thingy at the entrance of the drive-ins attract my 6 going into 7 year old kid when her daddy drove by for HIS burgers.

How do I tell my DH not to tempt her and starve himself a little longer, and drive around a little further down the road, park his car, and go get some noodles at the nearest kopitiam instead?

Last month at Mc Donald, she was clamouring for the 12 Dancing Princesses and the Polly Dollies. These are some of the Mc. D's toys.

Strawberry Shortcakes & friends

The 12 dancing princesses

At Burger King, it was the Polly Dolly’s accessories last month and this month, the Groovy Chic dollies.

I find myself going past the drive in every alternate Tuesday or Thursday after Kimberly’s Enopi or Ballet classes to get her fast-food for dinner so we could get her the “cool” toys (her expression of them), instead of driving straight home and cook.

It doesn’t help that Kimberly’s favorite hobby is collecting dolls. She also collects bracelets, tea sets, music boxes and hair accessories and I swear she also collect shoes. But her all time favorite collection has to be her collection of dolls.

She has collections of My Little Pony, Barbie, Kelly (Barbie’s little sister, no less) Polly Dollies, Winx, together with their accessories.

These are some of her collection



Polly Dolly


My Little Pony

She also collects bags of these characters and rotates using them every now and then.

Her favourite fairy bags

Sometimes I wondered whether I was giving in to Kimberly’s whims or giving in my lazy ways, evading cooking dinner for the family.

Fortunately, the toys rotate only twice a month and I could keep Kimberly at bay, buying fast food only twice a month. Well, okay, 4 times a months, that average out to be once weekly, if you count Mc Donald and Burger King having “dollies kiddy meal toys” together at the same period.

Who am I to deny her, when I myself have collections of Barbie dolls and smurf and smurfettes when I was younger, to which I have kept in good condition until she was born. Unfortunately, the maid let Kimberly broke all the Barbies’ arms when Kimberly was 2 or 3 years old and couldn’t take those clothes off. The then maid made no attempt to assist her. Sigh... maids, but I won’t go into that.

Sometimes, i resolved to be more frugal and tell myself i wont be buying ANYMORE dolls for her. But whenever i see her delight, my heart melt and i gave in...once again... and tell myself, okay,just this once. Now who am i kidding?

So, anyhow, shall we parents of little girls adjourn to the nearest fast food spot? They have Madame Alexander’s at Mc D….

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