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Monday, May 14, 2007

my first step towards frugal living - Cloth Diapers !

You know how it’s like when you have been spending tons on grocery and you resolved to be more frugal in the future. You know how you resolve not to buy stuff you never used but you never live up to your resolutions and you end up throwing food all the time?

And you know the feeling when you need to buy disposable diapers for your kids every 10 days or so, you wince when you see the amount in the cash till ringing higher and higher?

In my bid to practice frugal living, I have toyed with the idea of using cloth diapers for a long time. Since time immemorial !!!! Okay, since Kimberly was born, actually. That was 6 years ago !

The main issue of my concern was the poo. Okay, guys and single ladies, you can stop reading at this point. This post is more for moms than anyone else.

So, I tried on this brand by Drybees and hey!!!! I was pretty impressed. I had been asking Sandra tons of questions at MyMomsBest,Lilian's breastfeeding forum, before I got the first 2 to try out. Sandra owns an online store called MiaBambina.

This is half of my stash. The other half is in the washer.

drybees cloth diapers

To be earnest, I was more attracted by the prints than anything else. Hee hee. The first factor which prompts me to buy was actually the new print of Drybees, the Lavender Jangle. Not so much the practice of frugal living.

I liked the prints so much I got 3 Lavender jangles, 2 pink jangles and 2 green jangles. I had started out with 2, but end up with 14!!! I mean, you only need about 8,or max, 12. It must be the good feeling associated with the practice of frugal living. ha ha.. Though I probably defeat the purpose somewhat.

For moms who don’t know what I find is so great about this particular one, I should tell you that the inner lining goes right over the babies’ tight and the outer polyester lining doesn’t brush against her skin (incidentally it is the same fabric as disposable). Because it doesn’t irritate the skin, it is really comfortable. At least, Ashley doesn’t try to peel them at all,unlike her disposables (the drybees has velcro).

Also, the microsuede/fleece lining separating the insert and the skin is amazing. It wicks the moisture to pass through the insert and the suede/fleece itself remains dry.

I thought my kid was dry when I undress her for her bath. Checked the diaper and it appeared dry. But when I tear open the Velcro, my, the insert is sopping wet. I am impressed!!! It’s even drier on the skin than disposable!!!! So that’s what prompt me to buy another 2, and another 3 and another 3 and so on, and now I have 14 !!!

That was when i found out that the microsuede is stain resistant and the poo could be rolled off into the toilet bowl and be washed out.

This is Ashley in Bum Genius. Bum Genius can go right from newborn to about 18 kg. My MIL prefers bumgenius over drybees, so i have to get some of both.

the little artist deep in thought

So you can see Ashley wearing bum genius on the week that MIL is minding her and drybees on the week that my MIL wasn’t around to help. LOL

Try these, girls, I am not getting any paid for this but I really advocate cloth diapering and I really think all moms should give cloth diapers a chance.


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