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Friday, April 11, 2008

Bags for my little madam - Peekaroo bags !

My 7 1/2 year old little madam has a thing about bags. And shoes !

When she sees a bag she likes in a shopping mall, she would hug it to her chest and wouldnt let go. Her latest addition to her bag collection are these 2 Peekaroo bags. I will put up her bag collection when i have time to snap pic and load them up.

Anyhow, this just tell you that our Malaysian own shore's work at home moms are really good.

This one has tags at the bottom layer of the bag and has satin drawstring.


When i ordered a peeka-taggie from Jess of Peekaroo Baby for my brother's forthcoming baby, Kimberly thought the parcel that came was for her. She took out the taggie and held it to her chest and said, "For me? Thaaaaaank yewwwwww Momma !! This is so pretty !!"

Then she proceed to go through the details of the ribbons one by one. "Look, Momma ! This one is gold and pink ! Look, Momma, this one has loops !!"

I hadnt the heart to tell her its not for her. Instead I sneak it out of her room that night and gave it to Maria's newborn instead. Cos by that time, we came to know that my brother's new baby is going to be a baby boy and not a baby girl as the mother expected. So I hadnt needed to buy another taggie for Maria's baby girl.

I asked Jess if she could do those taggies on a bag for Kimberly. With the squares satin like those taggies but kind of like a backpack. She was really good with suggestions on how to go about it.

Hence these bags from Peekaroo. Really good, arent they? I just love the way she put the taggies all over the border where KImberly's name is. Cos the ribbons/taggies are what attracted my little girl in the first place.

This one has Kimberly's name embroidered in multi colour over it, and ribbon taggies all over the border and pink cord draw string.


Where else could you get custom made bags in Malaysia, yea? Hard to find, if any.

My Kimberly just love them to pieces !!


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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I love Cupcakes !!

I knew that if I were to miss Darrius's birthday party last year, I was going to miss Alice's cupcakes as well. But it was on the same day as my brother's wedding, so that's it.

So when she said she was going to come back to KL for awhile and would be taking KL orders, I couldnt wait to place my orders.

Kimberly and Ashley were in absolute rapture over these !!!

Aren't they the prettiest thing you have ever seen?




This is one of Kimberly's favourite A castle ! Ashley pushed at it just before i snapped the pic, that's why it's leaning over to one side.


This is Ashley taking her pick !t


Those of you who loves cupcakes, fast fast go over to her site and place your orders !!

I love cupcakes !!

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