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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

down with a bad cold


If I could have one wish, I would not wish for riches or everlasting youth.. I would wish that I would never get sick in my entire life. Wishful thinking.

I am down with a bad cold and a sore throat. . Man, if you ever get sick, you would wish like h*ll you never be old, cos that’s how you are going to go through your senior years. Somehow, I just don’t buy those pictures of evergreen old couples holding hands smiling contently in pictures you see at the clinics.. I mean, they must be aching from rheumatism, osteoporosis and stuff, right? Okay, they probably were aching SOME of the time and not the whole of the time, but just imagine, most senior citizens live through their life with some form of pain or discomfort. This is something I look upon with apprehension.

Anyhow, for the last 2 days, I had fire burning in my throat and everything taste like sandpapers. I couldn’t get any work done either. With a groggy and lead laden heavy head, I somehow got through all the cause papers and submissions due this week. Earnestly, I much rather bury myself in a 6 feet hole than ever get reprimanded in court.

Kimberly’s homework suffers cos I didn’t go through her homework with her the last 3 days, and I get messages in her message book like ,”Please do pembetulan for ejaan or Please complete page 31 to 38, student did not complete math homework today etc etc” Of course, the little madam is happier fussing over her collections of dollies than doing her homework, and is she determined to turn a deaf ear to my croaks of “Kimberly, do your homework, NOW!”

I have left Ashley to the mercy of my incompetent maid. From my bed, I could hear her little fretful cries, which keep tugging at my heart each time I chance to wake up from short fussy uneasy naps. Which in turn, of course, compel me to claim her from the maid’s arms. Needless to say, Ashley now has caught my flu and bad cold and is now rubbing her runny nose and watery red eyes furiously. Sigh…

At time like this, the doctor is my saviour. Am far from the death bed (no, I am not that dramatic,) but sure wish I get a whole lot better by tomorrow.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Fung shui master and selective beliefs

26th January 2007

I believe in fungshui but I am not passionate over them like some people do. Anyhow, we had a classical fung shui master looked over the office today in view of the forthcoming February 4th, which is understood to be the new cycle.

I have always felt uncomfortable about my current position. My table’s position faces the entrance. You would have thought that this position poses turbulence in work. But when I pose this question, I was quite taken aback when he says my position is a good position. It’s because I am a risk taker and such position is a good one for a risk taker . Well, ??????

First, he couldn’t even define the meaning of a “risk taker” when I pester him in my puzzlement for an elaboration of his analysis. Secondly, I don’t want to be a risk taker, can or not? I want a sedentary work routine, can or not? Perhaps he somehow equate a litigator to a risk taker. Perhaps I am the one who is dense, so if there is any classical fung shui master out there, please enlighten me.

Then, as pre-arranged, he came over to my house look over the sleeping position of my kids and DH and the kitchen. My kids’ bedroom and sleeping positions are compatible with their “qua”, darling husband sleeping position is moved so that he lands on money (will let you guys know if we ever strike lottery) and the stove is in the correct position (facing the front door of the house)…. but…. another puzzling analysis is, he said my sleeping position in the master bedroom is suitable for me because I am “strong enough” to take the pressure and burden.

Heck.!!! Apa ini? I don’t want to be slave to the kitchen and slave to the housework ! I don’t want to be slave to the kids and slave to hubby!! When I raised objections, he said I could place a dark blue mat over the floor of my bedroom door to spurn the influence off. Darling husband swore by this classical fung shui master but me, I’m still somewhat bewildered by his analysis. No offence to all other classical fungshui masters out there. Be that as it may, I did go right out and got myself a dark blue mat from IKEA down the road pronto.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

tagged !!

Hey, I got tagged !!! I got tagged!!!! This is fun !

Shooi tagged me ! Okay, my favourite bloggers of the year nominees goes to :-

1. 5xmom – Lilian must be DROWNING in awards !!! But thanks to her, I started blogging!! What I like is that her blog is SO to the point, esp when she hantam sini sana.

2. Motts Mutterings – motts always had me rolling on the floor laughing

3. Sarah’s Mom – she’s witty and funneee

4. Everybodi lafu rojaks – a newfound blog I lurked around a lot nowadays. lotsa sexual innendos, funny jokes and eye goggling shopping tips in this fella’s blog (ie THE shopping bag of the year). Very original.

5. Everyone on my blogsphere. okay, I cheated. Have more than one nominee mah!

Now I am going to infect, heee hee hee…. (coming through with needle sharp infectious meme arrow at the end of the bow)…… immomsdaughter….. twang …. clumsy wife careless mum….. twang….. shoppingmom…… twang twang…..Angeleyes, oops , sori, you got infected oredy (divert arrow), …. okay, … twang …. will infect Eve … and finally, …plunkKittykat. You guys are welcome to borrow my bow and arrows anytime you want.

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